How to get more leads part 4 – offline marketing

Apr 01, 2015 10:23:46 AM

Lead Generation Marketing strategy Telemarketing

Offline marketing, traditional marketing, old-fashioned; call it what you may, we are essentially talking about anything that doesn’t happen via the internet. So brochures, mailshots,

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The advantages of telemarketing in modern digitally driven age

Feb 20, 2015 10:57:42 AM

Marketing marketing strategy Telemarketing Telemarketing Advice

Telemarketing may fall under the ‘traditional’ marketing category now that digital is here to stay, but just because it is traditional does not mean it

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How to maximise leads from an exhibition

Feb 10, 2015 15:18:36 PM

B2B events exhibition Telemarketing

An exhibition is not only an excellent lead generator, but also a great way to meet prospects and interact with your target demographic. For me,

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10 Questions to Identify the Right Telemarketing Agency for You

Feb 04, 2015 15:22:05 PM

Telemarketing Telemarketing Advice telemarketing agency

Choosing the right partner for any business activity can range from a long and tedious process of listening to pitches and promises; to meeting new

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The Importance of Data Cleansing

Jan 22, 2015 15:34:37 PM

data data cleansing Lead Generation Telemarketing

Is your data holding you back? As marketers and sales professionals we amass a vast amount of data. We also analyse everything, from the ROI

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30 Questions for Qualifying a Lead

Jan 16, 2015 15:39:18 PM

B2B Lead Generation B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation Leads Telemarketing

How to qualify a lead varies depending on the stage and level of interaction the lead is at. For example, if you are cold calling

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MarketMakers in 2014

Jan 12, 2015 15:46:23 PM

Charity News Marketmakers Telemarketing Training

2014 was a pivotal year for MarketMakers because it was officially 10 years since it all began with Paul Thomas and Henry Braithwaite. Fast forward

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The Marketing Landscape in 2015

Jan 09, 2015 15:48:57 PM

Lead Generation Marketing social media Telemarketing

Marketing is possibly one of the most diverse jobs to be in right now. At the most fundamental level, it breaks down into online and

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How to still win business leads in December

Nov 28, 2014 15:54:59 PM

B2B B2B Telemarketing Marketing Telemarketing

December can be a painful time for B2B marketers because everybody’s focus shifts to the festive season. Business attention suddenly becomes internalised to ensure everything

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From a Law Degree to Telemarketing Career

Nov 05, 2014 15:59:31 PM

career Law Marketmakers Telemarketing

Chris Carke graduated University with a Law Degree but found himself joining a telemarketing firm rather than a legal firm. Despite this being a massive

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