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Data Services at MarketMakers

As an expert B2B lead generation telemarketing agency, we understand the value of enriched, accurate, targeted data. Our Data Services team consult multiple data sources to provide rich valuable data for your marketing campaigns, or to add value to and unlock the full potential of your existing data.

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Data Enrichment

Is your data looking a little tired? Maybe it just doesn’t contain the key data points you need? We can supercharge your data by enriching it with up to date, relevant details, all added right into your existing database.

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Data Health Check

Not sure what condition your data is in? Maybe it’s time to get a second opinion – our Data Health Check has you covered. Our data experts can give you a detailed breakdown of the health of your data and an action plan to get it tip top.

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Data Supply

Trying to find sales ready prospects in a new market? Or maybe you want to find more customers just like the ones you already know you can sell to? We can connect you with the data you’re looking for to take your marketing to the next level.

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Know your customer

You know your product – but do you know your customer? We can help you to analyse multiple data points from your existing customers to show you market segments that want your products that you may not have even considered.

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Email Verification

Want to cut wasted spend on email campaigns? We can identify email addresses in your data file that have gone away so you can focus on landing in your prospect’s inbox.

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If you have a Data question, we’re confident we can find the solution. Our data experts will work with you to understand your business and provide bespoke insight and strategy to build world class marketing campaigns or provide intelligent solutions to complex data projects. Contact us to arrange a free consultation today.

Expert Data Solutions

If you have your own Client data, we can help you to clean, enrich and enhance it. If you’re looking for new data, we can help you to understand your ideal prospect and source marketing data with pinpoint accuracy. In B2B marketing, up-to-date and comprehensive data is the key to reaching the right prospects with the right message.

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