30 Questions for Qualifying a Lead

Jan 16, 2015 15:39:18 PM

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How to qualify a lead varies depending on the stage and level of interaction the lead is at. For example, if you are cold calling and this is a fresh conversation, then you will need to head back to basics and ensure that you asking the right questions from the start.

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Whereas if you are following up on an enquiry you have received then the approach will be different, as the prospect is self-qualified to a certain extent – they know they need what you offer.

Below we have outlined the core questions you need to ask your prospects and even yourself when considering if this lead is qualified or not.

1)      Do you need our product or offer?

2)      Do you currently use it?

3)      Are you the decision maker?

4)      If not, who is?

5)      Do they already have an incumbent supplier or agency relationship?

6)      Is there a supplier review process?

7)      If so, when is it?

8)      Can they afford your product/service?

9)      Does it solve a problem or pain point that company/prospect is experiencing?

10)   Can we service their needs?

11)   Location – where are they based?

12)   Time zones – do they operate internationally?

13)   What is the Nature of their industry?

14)   Do they have the technical skills to implement and use the product/service efficiently?

15)   Will they need a training period?

16)   Do they have previous experience in this area?

17)   What are their expectations of your service/product?

18)   When would they be looking to implement/use your product/service?

19)   What is the timeline and does this match with your delivery process?

20)   What is their target market?

21)   How does this align with what you offer?

22)   Can you operate in the sector?

23)   Do you, or have you, worked with their competition?

24)   How do their competitors operate?

25)   Do they understand your USP?

26)   Did they have any objections?

27)   Did this change their perceptions?

28)   Were they offered a meeting or opportunity to sign up?

29)   What was their response to this?

30)   Was your company presented in the best possible way throughout?

Of course not all questions will be relevant to you and every conversation will be different. So you need to consider how to phrase your questions to get the best response.

Ultimately, as with so many things, it is about confidence – ask questions and deliver answers with confidence and the results will follow.

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Questions by Roland O’Daniel

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