The Key to Success? Great Company Culture!

May 20, 2016 12:26:16 PM

Company Culture Company Values Customer Experience Development Marketmakers Telemarketing Work Ethic

It has been yet another great week in the MarketMakers office and with our teams wrapping up for the weekend, we have decided to take

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Exhibitions: The importance of measuring success

May 06, 2016 12:34:11 PM

B2B Telemarketing Exhibitions Marketing ROI Sales Innovation Expo Telemarketing

Exhibitions are an important, albeit expensive part of a company’s marketing budget. But in early stage prospecting when the competition is so high, exhibitions can

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An Old Favourite: Telemarketing

Apr 12, 2016 15:18:51 PM

Lead Generation social media Telemarketing

As marketing professionals, we have seen many changes across the industry in the past couple of years and as we continue on the new age-social

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Getting the best out of your team

Apr 12, 2016 12:53:12 PM

Promotion Telemarketing Training

At MarketMakers we focus a lot of our attention on our staff. We believe that good staff morale drives our employees to work harder and

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B2B telemarketing is in a growth phase

Mar 24, 2016 15:24:50 PM


If you rewind back 50 years and think about the marketing departments of the past, the favoured strategy tended to be a combination of TV,

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Power Selling with Power Words

Nov 18, 2015 15:46:04 PM

pitch power words Telemarketing Telemarketing Advice

Prospects will listen to your pitch for any number of reasons; curiosity, they are intrigued, validation, live requirement, they have a pain point that could

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Sales fundamentals for more effective telemarketing?

Oct 01, 2015 15:54:24 PM

Sales and Marketing Telemarketing Telemarketing Advice

We previously looked at the science behind how we communicate and in particular the “7%-38%-55% rule”. Now for those of you that haven’t read that

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Are you Being Heard? The Science Behind Communication

Sep 18, 2015 07:35:05 AM

communication Telemarketing

At MarketMakers, as a telemarketing company we are naturally interested in communication, in fact we are almost obsessed by it. Whether it is in the

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Your 8-point guide to UK telemarketing laws and compliance

Jun 23, 2015 08:12:47 AM

Telemarketing Telemarketing Advice

Telemarketing is a great way to reach your prospects and deliver the most personal message possible, so prospects and callers can interact in a meaningful

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A visual guide to the importance of Customer Retention

Jun 01, 2015 08:24:55 AM

Business strategy Telemarketing

The fact is that winning new clients and customers is expensive, actually it is 5-20 times more expensive than keeping your existing customer base happy.

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