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Apr 12, 2016 12:53:12 PM

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At MarketMakers we focus a lot of our attention on our staff. We believe that good staff morale drives our employees to work harder and produce better results for our clients. But better results is not the only thing we strive for. We want our employees to feel confident that they can build a career here at MarketMakers, making our company a desired place to work.

The magical formula: Give your staff more opportunity for growth and they will work harder, producing better results for your clients.

Here are three easy tips to make sure you get the best out of your staff:

Give your employees MORE

We all know you don’t get anywhere without a bit of hard graft. All of our members of staff are rewarded for doing well and putting in the maximum effort. Recognizing employees for their efforts is so often overlooked by employers; whether this is big promotions or just small recognitions and incentives, people thrive off positive feedback.

What does this do: Keep motivation levels at their highest.

Provide training

Some people are happy to plod along at a continuous level. However, most people want to see their career develop and be challenged by new opportunities. Whether this comes in form of increased income, responsibility or written achievements. At MarketMakers we have an acclaimed Business School and each member of staff are given the chance to develop themselves with a little help from our experts.

We provide workshops for those looking to progress to the next step or even those who just want to get even better at what they are doing right now.

Logic: The more they know the more they can do.

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Make the job fun

One of key Values is ‘Great Times’. We want our business and staff to be involved in the Great Times we have at MarketMakers. At the end of the day we spend the majority of our waking lives together, so we should enjoy what we do and have a Great Time developing ourselves and driving the business forward.

Along with promotions, at MarketMakers we also have exciting incentives that really encourage our employees to work harder together, these include family fun days, social events where teams can celebrate together and get to know each other better and trips abroad for those who have performed particularly well.

We all know that life doesn’t move forward without change (we wouldn’t have got to where we are now without it!) But a high turnover of staff can cause low morale and cost the companies tons of unnecessary time and money in both recruitment and training. Long lasting work relationships makes for better teamwork and a more family like feel to the business.

The answer is simple: Make sure your employees are enjoying what they do.

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