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Nov 18, 2015 15:46:04 PM

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Prospects will listen to your pitch for any number of reasons; curiosity, they are intrigued, validation, live requirement, they have a pain point that could be addressed and resolved…the list goes on…

They will, however, only buy from you if your language matches their intent and if your pitch instils confidence that you are the answer and that your solution will deliver what they need.

This is where Power Words can help to deliver the right levels of impact. For example if someone said to you “this is a good piece of software that can save you time and money” or “this is an incredibly powerful solution that will save you time and have a positive impact on your bottom line”, which of the two would make you pay attention?

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Power words aren’t just always one magic word that makes a phrase stand out. Words can be combined for an even greater effect. Let’s look at that statement above again, highlighting the power words.

This is an incredibly powerful solution that will save you time and have a positive impact on your bottom line”.

Incredibly powerful solution” this is a fairly obvious combination, all three power words combine well to make a power phrase. The key word being “solution”. This says to the prospect that you have a way to solve a problem they have. “Save and time” combine well to explain how the solution will benefit the prospect, specifically in a business context. In business time and money are often interlinked so it becomes natural to follow it up with a statement that explains how you will help the company succeed I.E “positively impact on your bottom line”. Finally you made it personal by using “your” a phone call is a personal thing and should be treated as such. This is where your telemarketing teams and outbound dialling can bring value in ways that digital can’t.

Of course the example above work’s best with a senior director or board member but by carefully researching who you will be targeting you can pre-plan and prepare how you want to deliver your opening line and by doing so increase your results.

The MarketMakers team have pooled together the power words that work best for them, when speaking with prospects, below:-

Personal Power Words

  • You
  • Your
  • Unique
  • Love
  • Elite
  • Imagine

Intriguing Power Words

  • Discover
  • Learn
  • Secret
  • New
  • Because
  • Revealed
  • Breakthrough
  • Uncovered
  • Exciting

Confidence Boosting Power Words

  • Proven
  • Guaranteed
  • Ultimate
  • Positive
  • Top
  • Number one
  • Quality
  • Security
  • No obligation

Problem Solving Power Words

  • Solution
  • Instant
  • Time
  • Save
  • Benefit
  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Improve
  • Easy

Business/Finance Power Words

  • Profits
  • Retain
  • Free
  • Affordable
  • Value
  • Results
  • Bargain
  • Efficient
  • Wealth

Strong Power Words

  • Powerful
  • Incredible
  • Impact
  • Amazing
  • Everything
  • Premium
  • Results
  • Elite

Time/Quantity Sensitive

  • Limited
  • Exclusive
  • Rare
  • Unique

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