Sales fundamentals for more effective telemarketing?

Oct 01, 2015 15:54:24 PM

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We previously looked at the science behind how we communicate and in particular the “7%-38%-55% rule”. Now for those of you that haven’t read that article or come across the rule, it basically states that of how we communicate with each the words we say accounts for 7%, 38% tone of voice and the final 55% is body language. So we can see that what we don’t say counts for more than what we do say.

So in this article we are going to look at how we can make that 7% ‘the words we say’ work a little bit harder for us, especially when you consider that if you are on the phone, body language is not really an option.

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Sales fundamentals

Emphasise benefits over data sheets

Anyone is sales or marketing knows that you need focus in the benefits but to realise the potential you need to know the features.

For example a good car salesman knows all the specs of the different models he has in the showroom including engine size, 0-60 times, fuel consumption and the list goes on. However what you as the consumer want to know is what car is right for you! A great salesman will know these facts but present them to you as benefits based on your needs.

Talk about value not the actual price

This is a much harder one to do but value and the perception of value is not only extremely personal but for that reason also very powerful. This is where knowing your features and how they translate into benefits delivers that value! By asking your qualification questionsyou will gain an idea of what matters to the prospect.

Work on making it personal

As telemarketers we are often tasked with selling the intangible i.e. generating demand for something that isn’t always physical such as software or finance. In fact one of our core services of appointment setting is sold as an intangible product, but one that becomes physical. So in order to create the appointments we need to focus on making it personal. Our teams will look to get someone to meet with the prospect so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the offer face to face – this overcomes the intangible objection and fosters a positive relationship from the outset.

Don’t “we we” all over them

No one likes “we we” it is a simple fact! But what is “we we” you might ask well we have all endured it. It is when all the sales person or brochure or web page you are reading just talks about themselves or the organisation they work for.

“We did this” or “we did that” and so on, it is here that you should be saying you “for you we can do this” “for you this will work best”. Make them the centre of the universe at that time.

It is all about them…

The simple fact remains that when you are selling your integrity, charisma and ability to sell yourself counts but what will get you further is your ability to understand the prospect and their needs, get to the bottom of what they want and that aligns with what you can offer them and you will deliver more!

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