10 Questions to Identify the Right Telemarketing Agency for You

Feb 04, 2015 15:22:05 PM

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Choosing the right partner for any business activity can range from a long and tedious process of listening to pitches and promises; to meeting new people, companies/agencies and discovering new and interesting ways to grow your business.

In either scenario you need a way to identify who will be right for you and who will best align with your business goals.

We can all appreciate that it is the job of the salesperson that you meet to present the company in the best light and focus on their strengths, but how do you get to the answers you really need without killing the meeting dead?

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Are they B2B or B2C specialists?

Many agencies will specialise in one or the other whilst others will offer both, but it is always worth looking further into their experience in your realm. The last place you want to be is in a situation where you have signed with a B2C specialist when you are looking to market a B2B product/service.

Do they have experience in your sector?

Now this may not be a barrier to success as sometimes a fresh approach can bring improved results, but in the same vain you need to consider just how strong their credentials are in your sector. Do they have transferable experience?

Do they run a scripted or unscripted approach?

We have discussed previously the pros and cons of both methods, but it is always worth asking the prospective agency why they chose their preferred methodology. If it is scripted, who is responsible for the script and its final sign off? If it is unscripted, how do they go about ensuring the key information is delivered?

Do they record all calls and can you access them?

Call recording should be an industry standard for many reasons; first and foremost, for quality assurance and development of campaigns. In addition to this, you as the prospective client should be able to access these calls and give your feedback in order to strengthen any campaign.

What is the payment model?

It is best to get an understanding of this early, there are a number of payment models being offered by agencies at the moment. These can include Pay per Lead, Cost per hour, fixed fee or even a combination of them all.

They all have their individual strengths and weaknesses, for example Pay per Lead may seem very attractive in that it removes all the risk, but will they assess the quality of the leads? This leads me into my next question.

How are the diallers rewarded?

This is key to understanding what lies at the heart of the company culture. If as we previously mentioned, the company is operating on a Pay per Lead basis, are the diallers being paid a bonus of some sort based on the number of appointments they book?

Do they receive a bonus based on a pre-agreed set of KPIs? Ask the questions and consider how the reward model could affect the outcome of your campaign.

Are you required to sign a contract?

Are contracts required and if so what are the clauses to get out of the contract? Is there a notice period involved? Is the contract for a fixed period and will it auto renew? If contracts are involved, as always, be confident in what you are signing.

How long have the company been in business?

Again this may seem a simple question but the length of time operating and the growth and expansion can reveal a lot about the company. Again, there is no right or wrong answer here, but it will help you understand who the best fit is for you.

Have they achieved any form of recognition?

Awards and public recognition can speak volumes about the companies that you are talking with. Whilst it is true that there are a number of different awards available to companies, some have greater weight than others. Take the time to have a look into the awards the agencies have won and understand what this means they have delivered – and how it can benefit you.

Do they speak with pride?

Last but not least, do representatives of the company speak with pride, both of their work and also the company as a whole? Do you get a sense of team spirit when you meet any of the staff, especially those outside of the sales process?

Understanding the company culture in this sense will give you an idea of how they approach the professional aspects of their work.

I have no doubt that as you ask more questions and delve deeper into the telemarketing agency that you are talking with, more questions will naturally present themselves. For us, it is ultimately about building relationships that are profitable both in the business and human aspects for each side.

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