Surviving Brexit

Jul 07, 2016 12:14:14 PM

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With the dust finally beginning to settle, we are starting to understand that as B2B marketers, Brexit is inevitable. And although this isn’t the outcome that most of us anticipated, we know that processes will need to change for the UK to move forward as a country without the backup of the European Union. So, to keep on top of our place within the market, we have looked into some of the simple things that can help us thrive in spite of Brexit.

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Plan Ahead

Under Article 50, the negotiations that will determine how the UK will leave the EU are meant to be completed within two years. Therefore you have until 2018 (and probably longer) to establish your place within the European market, confirming business with current customers and learning what leaving the EU will mean for your trade. By planning ahead you can avoid being let down by existing customers and ensure you don’t lose out on valuable opportunities.

Know Your Stuff

In many offices around the UK the impending changes to EU data regulations have been a key topic of conversation, especially with the recent referendum. For many businesses it is important to know that as we leave the EU, we will not be required to follow and implement the new EU data regulations that are due to be put in place in May 2018. With Article 50 negotiations lasting two years or more, the UK may find itself still within the EU when the new data regulations come into place. With this in mind, B2B marketers in particular should continue to prepare for change.

Have Your Say

Whilst the UK are unable to get involved in discussions that involve our separation from the EU, we are deep in talks about the direction we will take following our departure. These terms will consider everything from the free market to travelling around Europe, so now is the time to voice our opinion on the changes that will benefit us the most.

Expand On Your Resources

Whilst most companies will be cutting back on resources, now is the perfect time to boost your marketing department and make sure you are reaching every new potential client, whether inside or outside the UK. Brexit shouldn’t mean that UK businesses should limit themselves, it just gives us more freedom to trade under our regulations, rather than those of the European Union.

If you need any help expanding your prospects in and out of the UK,contact one of our experts today.

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