Increasing impact using disc profiling

Mar 20, 2017 14:14:25 PM

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Well here are again and this time we are going to explore how we can use DISC profiling to increase our impact on those around us and the really fascinating part about this week’s blog is we are going to be climbing into each of the DISC profiles mind, have a rummage about and then understand a little bit about how they perceive the world and what motivates them.  Once we know this you will be able to increase results, enhance people’s perception of you, work with people effectively and use a logical approach that will work every time.

Of course, some of you will have already realised that in the last statement I am already influencing all of you by carefully selecting the words and phrases to hold your attention and I guarantee you that anybody reading this blog will have seen something somewhere in that first paragraph that caught their attention.  Let me share with you how it works…

The first place to start is to gain an understanding of what is important to each of the profiles, there are three key areas we need to understand and they are:


These three areas are every person’s driving force and thought process and we all have these.  Sometimes they are very obvious to ourselves and others and yet sometimes they are not so apparent and yet they are always there pumping our subconscious, directing our thoughts and driving our actions.  They are also the ‘buttons’ we can utilise to increase our impact on individuals.

To keep it quick and easy here’s a table on these points for each of the profiles:

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If we dig just a little bit deeper into the minds there is always also a fundamental question that when we are communicating with each of the profiles that will need to be answered.  Again, for each profile it is different.  Those fundamental questions are;

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Now we understand these cornerstones of information we have everything in place to be able to increase out impact.

For example, let’s say I’m going to meet a client for the first time and they are meeting with different people to help them out with their business.  This client I am meeting with is an Influencer so I just need to be sure that I pay them and their company lots of attention and interest plus I need to stress how I will be able to enhance how their company (and them) is perceived in the marketplace or perhaps it will help them with their public image.  These things are important to them.  We know that the Influencer is likely to be enthusiastic and passionate so it won’t hurt for me to reflect this in that way I speak and act too.

What about if the person was Conscientious?  Well this time being passionate and enthusiastic is not going to be effective.  The key here will be in the detail and breakdown of information backed up with facts and figures.  I need to ensure that everything I am saying is based on evidence (avoid anything based on feelings – it’s not that all the Conscientious people are hard and unfeeling, it’s just when we base things on our feelings it does not resonate with our Conscientious person).

I have found through the years that I have used DISC profiling there are ‘power statements’ that I find resonate with each of the specific DISC profiles and I will use these in my conversation with that person.  I find that this also has the effect of holding the person’s attention and keeps them constantly engaged.  Of course, what can often happen is that when two people with different DISC profiles are having a conversation because they have different ‘primary goals’, ‘values’ and ‘drivers’ each person in the conversation will lose interest or start to think the other person is ‘not on the same wavelength’.

So, what about these ‘power statements’ I hear you shout?  We’ll give these a try and see the difference:

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You can even find that different environments will be favoured by each profile, like this:

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Well that’s all you are getting from me this time.  In the next blog, I will show you how to speed read individuals and work out their DISC profile within minutes!  Also we’ll explore how people’s work space is a dead giveaway to their DISC profiles too! Who do you think is going to have the most untidy work space?  The answer is in the next blog!

By this point if you have followed the first 4 blogs you should now have a good understanding of DISC profiling – so do feel free to let me know how it’s working out for you and if you have any questions give me a shout.  See you next time.


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