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Jul 27, 2018 13:00:16 PM

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By Daisy Truman

The age-old debate of in-house or outsourcing telemarketing has been a topic of conversation ever since telemarketing became a popular marketing platform, and we are here to settle the score.

If you’re a decision maker in an organisation or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, we want to give you a breakdown of why outsourcing your telemarketing continues to be successful.


As the saying goes: ‘Money makes the world go round’ and this rings true for a number of decision makers when they are choosing how they’re going to generate leads and develop their business without breaking the bank.

Although the price of outsourcing can initially seem expensive, it can be easy to forget the expense involved with in-house telemarketing services. The cost involved in training, equipment, and maintenance of a telemarketing team continues to be a problematic area for companies, especially SMEs and start-ups. For this reason, agencies have and will continue to be a cost-effective and profitable way of doing telemarketing.

Last year MarketMakers generated £1.5 billion in new opportunities and over £500 million in confirmed new revenue for our clients.

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Although you may feel like you have more control being able to easily manage your own in-house team, this also increases the risk that can be associated with generating your own telemarketing. The fast-paced and results driven environment of the typical ‘call centre’ will often mean that diallers are more likely to generate leads and appointments. Ultimately, agencies have the money in place to reward diallers with incentives, which will drive the number of sales up. This isn’t to say that in-house telemarketing will never generate more business than agencies because every campaign is different, however what can be said is that the ‘work hard and you will be rewarded’ ethos definitely pays off.

MarketMakers telemarketers’ incentives and remuneration internally are based on client retention.


The same can be said for the continuous training that happens in out-sourced agencies. Agencies are frequently required to update and change their processes to meet licencing/ law changes, as well as meet high industry standards to stay in the game.

For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was implemented in May this year, meant that a number of companies had to evaluate the ways they were handling personal data to ensure they were compliant with new laws.

As a result, telemarketing companies will often have rigorous training programmes to ensure their diallers are highly skilled and compliant with new practices.

Every MarketMakers telemarketer has a minimum of 2 years B2B sales experience.

The MarketMakers Business School is endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM), which includes an 8 tier career progression path for every telemarketer.

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People are busy. Businesses are busy. Who really has the time to start up, fund, manage, and maintain their own telemarketing operation?

An obvious upside to hiring telemarketing agencies is that it won’t affect your normal day-to-day routine. By outsourcing, you can guarantee qualified leads with senior decision makers in your target market, without putting in the effort yourself. A number of agencies will qualify a lead or arrange an appointment on behalf of the client, send them over and let you do the rest!

Every one of our lead/appointment call files are reviewed and verified by our internal Quality Assurance department.


Ultimately, these things combined can lead to a decision maker developing their business in a way that is economical, is more likely to generate the leads, and doesn’t involve investing hundreds of their own hours into the maintenance of an in-house team (time is money)!


If you’re interested in finding out more about how MarketMakers can help grow your business, please give us a call 0845 468 0880.

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