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Oct 30, 2018 11:46:31 AM

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Luca is 16 and has been completing his work placement with us for 5 weeks now, as part of his Business Studies course in Highbury College. We have given him the challenge of researching, and writing a blog on B2B telemarketing – what do you think?

B2B telemarketing

Working at MarketMakers has let me gain a lot of experience and knowledge about B2B telemarketing and different techniques to be successful at it. Working in the marketing team, I have seen a lot of different ways to generate leads and how to use different marketing channels to our advantage to make people interested in our services.

Business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing as a whole is a very useful service for a lot of businesses. An example of this is the work we do in MarketMakers, where we dial on behalf of our clients to try and generate new business for them. B2B telemarketing is useful for all different types of businesses. Small businesses that need new customers, and larger businesses that want to keep customers while gaining new ones.

Behind the scenes of MarketMakers, a lot of work goes in to making sure that we are targeting the right businesses for our clients. This is done through our in-house Data Services provider, that source rich, bespoke, and compliant data for each of our campaigns.

90 of marketing managers claim telesales and telephone follow up calls are an effective lead nurturing technique.  300x150 - B2B telemarketing - By Luca Wills


With their B2B telemarketing, MarketMakers have made very good relationships with businesses that keep renewing their campaigns with us. This is good for MarketMakers because it means we can work more efficiently, as we understand more about our client’s requirements and goals.

MarketMakers also have new businesses joining the campaign and using our services which allows us to create more friendships with more businesses and work at the best we can.

A lot of businesses use outsourced telemarketing because it allows them to gain support for their internal sales and marketing efforts. There are a lot of benefits for using B2B telemarketing, one of these would be that a company like MarketMakers can really understand the businesses and the clients we should be targeting for your business which allows us to work more efficiently and overall come out with better results.

Another benefit is it allows a more personal communication, this is because social media is extremely popular and used all around the world, but a phone call adds a personal touch to marketing efforts. Patience is a big factor of B2B telemarketing it can take a while to see effective results but you are eventually guaranteed results it just takes time. Lastly it is a great way to expand your business to reach out to other businesses that could potentially be a big customer to your businesses and help your business out massively.

If you are interested in our B2B telemarketing or Data services then call us on 0845 468 0880 and we can present you with a no obligation proposal. 

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