A letter from Lucy

Jul 19, 2019 16:08:19 PM

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We welcomed Lucy, 15 from Horndean Technology College who follows in the footsteps of her older brother who is completing his college placement with us, (he also done his work experience with us a few years ago!). She has just finished her 2 week work experience and has wrote the team a letter to say goodbye, stay in touch Lucy!

What did I do at MarketMakers?

So on my first day at MarketMakers, I went into an Induction briefing, and I really found it interesting due to learning all the different things about the business as a whole. I was the youngest one in the induction, however, despite that everyone included me and the staff within the induction were very nice, and made the time fun and enjoyable. I learnt about many different things, such as the companies that MarketMakers work closely with, and the operations that take place within the business, such as marketing and recruitment. I learnt that MarketMakers was voted and awarded for being one of the best places to work, which after spending two weeks with the team, I can see why!

Meeting The Team, QA, What Learner am I? And DISC Profiling

I met the team who I would be working with for the next two weeks (the marketing team) and I think it’s fair to say they are one of the loveliest bunch of people I have ever met. Every single one of them made me feel welcomed, and were all willing to help if I was ever stuck, I am very grateful for every single one of them, as this helped me with the process of learning to come out of my shell, which I was shyly hiding in for the first couple of days.

After meeting the team, I worked with Chloe, who talked to me about QA (Quality Assurance), and even let me QA some calls which I enjoyed. During the QA, I had to consider things such as, did the employee here at MarketMakers ask everything required, such as “what is the typical average order value”, and whether the explained the costs of the services that MarketMakers offer and give feedback based on the extent of these requirements to which should have been met.

After Lunch, I went back to the induction, and learnt all about DISC Profiling and Different Learning Styles. This was very interesting, because the results I got back, were very accurate. For example, on my DISC profile, I found out that I have the most traits of a C (Conscientiousness).

Behaviours of a C:

  • is motivated by opportunities to gain knowledge, show their expertise, and produce quality work
  • prioritizes ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, and challenging assumptions
  • is described as careful, cautious, systematic, diplomatic, accurate and tactful
  • may be limited by being overcritical, over-analysing and isolating themselves
  • may fear criticism and being wrong
  • shy and Quiet
  • values quality and accuracy

All of these qualities, are a part of my personality (especially the shy one – as most of the employees that saw me on the first day would know). However, I also learned what type of learning I am, and it turns out that I am a logical learner. Learning all of this was very interesting, as I had never thought about what type of learning I am before this, so I really enjoyed this.

Time with Recruitment

Spending time with recruitment was really fun. I learnt about the full process of hiring an employee at MarketMakers. With the recruitment team, I listened into some calls with the team and some potential employees. I learnt that they have to do a lot of things before they can even consider calling someone in for an interview, such as, reading the CV of the person applying for a job to ensure they are a good match and having a look at their online presence such as their LinkedIn profile. If they fit the criteria for a role at MarketMakers, then either Ryan or Mills will contact them via phone, and ask relevant questions as to why they would want to work at MarketMakers and as to how they heard about the company, however they will not alert the person being called, as to when the call is going to take place, this is so the answers are not rehearsed and the guys can get an overview as to how much the person actually knows about the company. Overall my time with the recruitment team was really good.

MARKETmAKERS - A letter from Lucy
Our Values and the importance of our workplace

Writing My Blog

Writing my first blog was definitely another highlight of my time here, especially when I was told that it actually generated a sales lead to the marketing team. They use tracking tools to see where enquiries come from and someone called in to discuss a requirement they had after clicking on my blog when the post was shared online. I loved writing the blog because I was able to be creative with it and make it my own. Also, it made me realise how amazing this business is, because of the five values. The values that everyone here chooses to stick by make this business the best business, because of the kindness and the respect that is carried out within the workplace. I also loved designing a picture to upload with my blog, as it was my first time using Canva (a creative design software tool) which was actually really fun.

LinkedIn and Mindfulness Training Session

Another thing I did during my time at MarketMakers was learn all about lead generation. LinkedIn is a good place to prospect for people who might be in need of a company’s products or service. Marketing use LinkedIn to reach out to relevant contacts such as Directors of a B2B based business. I also got to send messages to some potential prospects and leads, which I really enjoyed – I also enjoyed learning the whole research and sending process. In the Afternoon, I attended a Mindfulness training session, which was really useful. In this session we talked about how mindfulness can help people and gathered some strategies that we could use to help with this. Going to this session made me realise how much the MarketMakers team care for their employees, because they take time out of their day to help employees who are in need.

Key Work

I really loved doing Key Account Marketing work, especially creating persona profiles of people in businesses. I learnt how to profile people, with the help of an app called Crystal Knows, and found it interesting how different people are compared to each other and the different ways different people like to be talked to. Also doing some more prospect research, but this time for key account marketing, was also very fun.

IMG 3213 - A letter from Lucy
Lucy MarketMakers


I just wanted to thank you all for everything you have done for me during my time here, from the second I walked in, you have all been welcoming and thanks to you guys, I have started to come out of my shell more. You guys all made this experience enjoyable, and made me feel as one of the team. Thank you so much!

Also thank you for all the lovely messages in my card and for my chocolates. (Don’t worry I will hide them from Luca).


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