Our Values and the Importance of our Workplace

Jul 12, 2019 13:52:24 PM

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The below blog ‘Our Values and the Importance of our Workplace’, was written by 15 year old Lucy. She is currently working at MarketMakers as part of her work experience placement. 

Some people may only think of MarketMakers as “just another business”, however it isn’t until you experience the brilliance of this business for yourself that you realise that statement is extremely false.

There are over 300 employees here at MarketMakers, that all follow the same five values which enables the business to work so well, as one big team.team banner - Our Values and the Importance of our Workplace

What are the five values of MarketMakers?

1-Deliver a World Class Customer Experience

MarketMakers offer and deliver a World Class Customer Experience. By this, I mean the service provided here, is world class. This is because the aim is to leave every client delighted with their experience and time that they have spent with us. This has many benefits to it, because it drives the company’s behaviour as a team and this is the reason why MarketMakers clients stay and are retained with the company.

2-Personal Development

Another thing that MarketMakers likes to work on is the Personal Development of their staff and clients. MarketMakers try to achieve the personal development aspect, for the company and individuals within it. By setting goals for the company, we are able to make sure our employees develop themselves personally and professionally. By setting these goals, it encourages a strong work ethic because it allows people to work hard and strive for their goals. One of the best things about MarketMakers, is that there is always opportunities for everyone to achieve their goals, and as a team, everyone is congratulated for their achievements and we all know everyone will achieve their goals, as well as MarketMakers as a whole. This is because everyone is so hardworking and determined.

3- One Team Value

The One Team policy is where no matter what, even though there are different job roles, every single member is important as the other. This is very important because it is exactly what happens here, which is why the company as a whole achieve great results and have so many success stories. It is important to all of the employees here that we all treat each other with the same level of respect that we would expect to be given. Which is why our working environment is so warm and friendly.

4- Outstanding Performance

Performance is key for MarketMakers, as it is at the centre of what we do. Every individual working with MarketMakers takes responsibility to deliver the best performance to the standard that is required to keep the business moving forward. The large amounts of positive feedback we get makes the company strive to get more fantastic feedback. MarketMakers want to make sure everyone knows about their amazing services that are provided, noticed and rewarded.

5- Great Times

Another key thing for the team at MarketMakers, is to have Great Times in the workplace, because you are working hard and it does get tiring for the employees, however they keep pushing forward with a positive attitude. After lunch, the team have a buzz session, to keep their brains active and energised. This enables MarketMakers to have a great time developing as a company.

MarketMakers cares a lot about their employees, which we can see by the company values. By recognising these values, we keep everyone friendly to each other and keeps everyone staying razor. Also, it shows us that the company is very focused on the clients and giving the best experience possible. I can tell this is because all of these values not only value workers, but also benefit the clients that work with MarketMakers. I believe it is because of the company culture that we have become so successful.

client 111 min - Our Values and the Importance of our Workplace

What is important to us?

There are so many different things that are important to the business, however, the most important thing for us as a whole are our employees and our clients. For MarketMakers, it is important to make sure the employees feel safe and welcomed every day at work and not discriminated against or shown hatred too. This links back to the idea of the MarketMakers five values, because of the idea and the process that everyone is working as one big team, and the work environment being a friendly and comfortable environment for everyone, therefore hatred and discrimination isn’t welcomed here, nor should it be anywhere.

Our Employees

The employees are so important, as they are the people who make this business work. Without every single one of the employees, MarketMakers would not be at the success it is at today. Another thing that is important to the company is the clients that we work with, this is also because these are the people who are leading success into the business and the people we need to work with, therefore it is important to work well with them and meet their needs first time. This is a big aim for MarketMakers, as the company is also competing against many other companies. Therefore it is important MarketMakers keep their title of being the best telemarketing company and one of the best companies to work for.

At MarketMakers, it is important for the employees to be razor, which is a key word for us. By razor, the company means everything that the employees do, needs to be done to the best of their ability, so they can focus on getting everything right first time. However failure is also okay here, as everyone is understanding that we all make mistakes however it’s how far we come from them mistakes and how we learn from them that matters. The most important thing for MarketMakers, is the five values that we all as employees choose to follow. These are important to the business, as having these values in mind keeps the workplace friendly, working as one team and creating an enjoyable environment.

Our Clients

Customer service is very important to MarketMakers, for example, if you are on the phones, maintaining a polite manner to the client and staying razor, as the customer service given gives people an insight as too what the business is like as a whole. For example, if you are really rude on the phone to a potential company who have a lot to offer to MarketMakers, however they didn’t like the customer service you gave, they are likely to not call us again and not share the opportunity they had and go to another company.

It is also important for the business to maintain a professional manner on the phone as we are representing other companies. However, if you are really enthusiastic on the phone to the business you are trying to sell too, you are more likely to be more successful in your sales and lead more opportunities for our clients and us, which is the end goal. Also, this would mean that MarketMakers would keep their reputation of having one of the best customer services. So overall, it is important to MarketMakers how the staff and clients are treated.

The success

2018 Growth Graph 1 - Our Values and the Importance of our Workplace

As you can see, MarketMakers has had a massive increase in money, which suggests throughout the years the sales have been increasing, which is amazing. This just shows how the success of MarketMakers just keeps growing.


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