Why You Should Combine Telemarketing with Your Existing Marketing

Jun 06, 2014 17:25:54 PM

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The last 10 years has seen a drastic shift in attitude towards different marketing forms. With new channels such as SEO, PPC and Social Media marketing becoming a key part of many businesses marketing strategies, whereas a few years ago they were considered to be a low priority at best.

digital leads with no face - Why You Should Combine Telemarketing with Your Existing Marketing

Telemarketing helps put a face to your digitally generated prospects.

The subversive change towards digital channels and social media has in some cases left businesses out in the “cold” unable to communicate effectively or failing to deliver the message to their intended audience.  The same can be said with any sole method of traditional marketing communication, be it direct mail, email broadcasts or telemarketing.

In our experience the most effective solution to delivering your message to any given audience is to combine your marketing methods. Though, simply combining one or all of your marketing methods such as emails and social media will probably still yield a lower result and not return the investment you have made.

The reasons behind this vary; however, principally the main cause of “prospects” not responding to a marketing communique is because it lacks that essential human element. A person to discuss and support the call to action you have carefully planned and invested in, a person to discuss your proposition; overcoming any misconceptions or questions your marketing materials may have risen, or simply reminding a prospect that they have received materials from you.

More often than not a prospect will intend to respond but other priorities cause them to either lose sight of your message or indeed forget it all together. Why invest into a marketing strategy and not ensure you receive the highest possible response and return on investment?

Telemarketing is a powerful tool to use in conjunction with any form of marketing activity. However, finding a representative for your business is a tough decision, do they have the knowledge and strength to speak to the decision makers you have targeted? What experience do they have within your industry? How can you ensure they are representing and delivering your image as a brand and business?

We have learnt over the last 10 years that regardless of industry, product, solution or level of decision maker a human element within any given marketing strategy helps to deliver results.

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