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May 11, 2018 15:15:52 PM

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By Steve Beard

Telemarketing, B2B, Lead Generation – there is a lot of buzz surrounding the industry at the moment with numerous blogs detailing how this type of outbound activity is on the decline and that traditional telephone-based Lead Generation is being replaced with marketing automation, tracking and e-based Campaigns.

Let’s dispel the myth ‘Cold Calling Is Dead’ – it’s not. There will never be a better replacement for proactive, well-timed and well-researched telephone calls from highly trained professionals.

What we can confidently say is that ‘Cheap Cold Calling Is Dead’ – or is certainly dying out, as it should be…

In a world where we want everything instantly; opportunities, sales, revenue – we have a propensity to lean towards the cheap and cheerful in order to get what we want as fast as possible. The quality aspect is often overlooked here and this is where the holes start to appear, and the negative perceptions quickly creep in. It’s an old saying but one that should resonate with any business looking to effectively drive its outsourced lead generation;


“Buy cheap – Buy twice”

Let’s look at a scenario; buying a car.

You have a flexible budget but want to shop around – this is natural. So you find yourself at both ends of the market; the inexpensive, and the high-end.

At the ‘Inexpensive Showroom’ you are greeted by a Salesman in a shirt and tie with an overcompensated sense of urgency to get you sold and signed off. He’s keen to show you what he has for sale and tell you how competitively priced it is. You’re given a quick overview of the forecourt and maybe offered a coffee in a plastic cup from the free vending machine. All the while you are being sold to by an Individual more keen on getting the contract signed and his commission confirmed than understanding your needs and requirements. However the lure of the ‘cheaper option’ is powerful – and before you know it you’re on the road in your new car that “will do” and is “good enough for the price”. But you’ve saved a few quid, so all good, right…? It probably does – in the short-term! Soon the brakes start to squeak, the engine is cutting out and the exhaust is playing up. The few quid you saved is suddenly being re-invested in fixing the issues. False economy?

At the ‘Higher End’ showroom you meet a Consultant in a smart 3-piece suit, sat down in a smartly furnished private office and asked what you would like to drink; Coffee? Water? The Consultant begins by asking you questions about what you’d like to use car for, how often you’d travel, whether you’ve given consideration to how many long journeys you’ll be taking and whether you’ve thought about the fuel consumption. All the time, the Consultant is building up a picture of your requirements before making a professional recommendation as to the best fit for you. At the end he invites you to take a look at other options, give it some thought and make your decisions from there. No pushy sell – because let’s remember, this Showroom has the premium models on its forecourt. He doesn’t need to sell to you, because he’s given you reasons to want to buy from him. You know it may cost more, but the service you get and the quality of the vehicle is worth it. You’ve made an investment – you haven’t just bought something that “will do”.

 GLF15290 300x200 - Why outsource?

 See the difference?

Are there B2B companies out there can sell you some hours at a low rate or on a cost-per-lead basis? Of course! Do people still use these companies to get the quick wins that they want? Absolutely!

How many of these companies deliver real, high quality results? How many of them retain a strong and loyal client base that stay with them not based on cheap rates but high services delivery? To answer with some educated speculation – not very many at all.


So if you’re looking at B2B Lead Generation, it’s important to know what’s available in the market at all ends of the budgetary spectrum. Don’t settle for the ’06 plate Picasso because it’s the cheaper, easier option, as the chances are it will let you down.

If you’d like to take a look at the Rolls Royce of B2B Telemarketing and see what we can do for your business then take a look around the Showroom at www.marketmakers.co.uk


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