What is the Great Places to Work® award and why should you want to win it?

May 14, 2015 10:00:10 AM

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Great Places to Work® is a firm dealing in research, consulting and training. Its goal is to help organisations firstly create and then sustain a great working environment, offering services to all companies from SMEs to large enterprise level. They believe that employees who trust their managers give their best work freely and offer the saying, “Your Company can be a great workplace, and you have the power to make it happen.”

So what services can you expect to receive?

Well, companies typically enter the Great Workplace Awards for the following reasons:

Performance analysis – Companies are provided with an in-depth analysis regarding areas in which they are performing well and areas that may require attention.

Global acclamation – It presents companies with the opportunity to be considered for the Global Best Workplace Awards®.

HR resources review – A review of the organisation’s human resource policies is conducted with the results then benchmarked against other organisations.

Consultant aid – Assistance in action planning is offered by consultants.

Contribution to research – By taking part in Great Places to Work®, companies help supplement the ever-growing database of research gathered by the firm so that it may be used in the future.

Access to exclusive resources – Gain access to their extensive Trust Index andWorkplace Culture Audit.

Employee Index survey – The programme allows companies to access the levels of trust and engagement within their organisation through the Trust Index Employee Survey.

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