What is the difference between telemarketing and telesales?

Oct 25, 2012 14:27:24 PM

This is a commonly asked question and a logical one, although I suspect the answer will vary depending on who you talk to.

Here at MarketMakers, we specialise in B2B telemarketing so we will answer based on how we differentiate the services.

What is telesales?

Telesales is a broad approach more commonly associated with untargeted cold calling. It works best if you have a product that is new to market or one that would potentially appeal to a large audience, such as homeowners. That’s why it’s very popular with B2C companies operating within large markets. It allows you to reach a high volume of potential customers quickly and easily with an offer they may be interested in.

001 - What is the difference between telemarketing and telesales?

Of course, there is also a sales element, especially if your product can be applied or signed-up for on the phone – essentially anytime there is an application process that can lead to a direct sale.

“Working with them was a wise investment, we’ve certainly seen a return.”

Donal Keane,
Head of Marketing

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing involves a more planned approach that targets prospects who have already been identified and nurtured. This means they have previously been exposed to the brand, or are targeted based on a substantiated need for a product.

For instance, many companies will run promotions or offer content as part of their marketing strategy. By using a CRM/lead management system you can determine and understand all the different touch points that a particular prospect has been through. Then, when the time is right, you can add them to the queue for telemarketing.

The typical sales cycle here will involve setting an appointment time or generating a confirmed lead. This allows the sales team, or appropriate point of contact, to follow up and close the deal.

Examples of poor telemarketing can include calling too soon or too late, making the wrong offer, and poor data capture. And, just like with telesales, poor execution can lead to a tainted experience.

So which one is right for me?

Now, this is not to say either system is perfect, nor are we saying one is any stronger than the other. They both offer a way of putting your product/incentive in front of an audience, giving the customer an opportunity to buy or agree to a sales meeting.

Ultimately, the point is to understand which one best meets your requirements and will lead to the greatest ROI.

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