Unscripted vs Scripted Telemarketing

Jul 04, 2014 17:14:30 PM

“Should I run a scripted or unscripted campaign in my Telemarketing?” is a common question that we get at MarketMakers and it is a logical and reasonable one to ask.

At MarketMakers we believe that an unscripted approach works best within a B2B telemarketing environment. There are a number of reasons for and against both strategies but unscripted has always performed best for us.

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Scripted telemarketing is a common strategy, especially within B2C where the call volumes are exceptionally high. You need to be sure that every call is led with the same key piece of information to ensure that the caller has the best chance of communicating the USP quickly and efficiently.

The simple fact in B2C is that not every consumer will be interested in your product and this will become apparent very quickly. For those that have a more detailed product or offering once interest is shown they can then follow the script according to the guidelines.

The problem within B2B is that not every business is the same and often the dialler will not be speaking with the decision maker straight away.

The scripted approach also doesn’t allow for the user to employ their own industry knowledge in overcoming hurdles presented by a gate keeper or decision maker.

overcoming the obstacles - Unscripted vs Scripted Telemarketing


Having ten years experience running telemarketing campaigns for both our clients and for ourselves with our own internal business lead generation initiatives, we have found that the unscripted approach offers the highest chance of conversion within B2B telemarketing.

There is undoubtedly a high level of skill and engagement required in order for an unscripted campaign to work.

  • All the team need to be sold on the product or offering
  • They need to fully understand it
  • They need the freedom to react
  • They need to be experienced

Now that may well sound like a very specific set of requirements and you would be right, but our entire ethos at MarketMakers is formed around recruiting the best and most motivated in order to be able to deliver on this time and time again.

An experienced dynamic unscripted telemarketer can build a rapport with the prospect right from the very beginning, by reacting to and predicting the questions asked and overcoming the negatives presented in a friendly, professional and timely manner.

They can also build up and draw upon information from previous conversations. If they have spoken to a company previously they may remember information that allowed them to get past the gate keeper and reach the decision maker.

It is ultimately this flexibility that allows the dialler to read the conversation and understand the flow of conversation and the tone of voice required in order to get the most out of the call, which in turn leads to a higher success rate than the scripted approach.

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