“My time at MarketMakers has been incredible.”

Aug 18, 2017 15:08:55 PM

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When it came to starting my 3 day work experience at MarketMakers I was very nervous. I had always been talking in school about how I would love to experience the work life before starting college and because my school does not offer this opportunity, I never thought I would have had the chance. I had always heard my step mum Ava, talking about her work and what MarketMakers did as a business and it inspired me to follow her tracks.

At school I take business studies as a GCSE and I very much enjoy it. As I previously achieved a Grade A in my marketing MOC I thought that this would be a great place to work. I have always wanted to work within a business, but never really known what section. Unfortunately, my school does not let pupils complete work experience during school hours as they believe we need more time focussing on our GCSE’s. I believed that this work experience would be an advantage to me so my business teacher helped me to convince the school to allow me to do so. After all that, I ended up completing my work experience during the summer holidays. I was so determine to put my full effort into this and that was why I was so prepared to do it during summer instead of school time. Having come to do work experience at MarketMakers it has helped me to have more of an understanding of what it is like to have a job and the different types of things they do.

Over the past three days I have learnt a lot and taken in a range of information about the business and the marketing involved in it. By working for MarketMakers it has helped to learn about the business as a whole, for example:

  • MarketMakers are a B2B telemarketing company
  • They are the UK’s most powerful B2B agency
  • MarketMakers are ranked in the best companies to work for the UK

And also a lot more.

Not working with anyone I know can seem to be very scary to a child of my age, however I never felt scared or out of place during my three days at MarketMakers. The marketing team took care for me and made me feel welcome my whole time. Everyone I saw within the business have also been very kind. This made me realise how warming MarketMakers are, if I were to work in any business I would definitely pick MarketMakers. They do such a good job at their work whilst happily having a good time. They are like a family and I am so grateful that they welcomed me in to this.

What have I got up to?

On my first day at MarketMakers I done a lot of different work. I was firstly sat down to read through the sales pack that the business takes with them when meeting a new potential client. Reading this gave me an understanding of the business and some interesting facts that I didn’t know about MarketMakers before. I then sat down with the LinkedIn team and they showed me how to use LinkedIn and how the business use it to help them. They also showed me the most efficient way they use it to save them time. It looked very helpful and they told me that it would be an advantage to me if I created my own account once I had left school, to help me try and find work. As well as teaching me the best things for the business, they also taught me how it could help me in my personal life to get a job and to look to the future. This was very helpful. After that I then sat down listening into a call. This was very interesting, it made me realise what they have to say on the phones to please the consumer and what they offer. My final task on day one was to start looking at MarketMakers social media pages. As a teenager, who is constantly on social media, I knew I could help out with this. The business don’t post as much as they should do to attract new customers so I helped with this.

On the second day I then finished my work I had started on the social media. I created a spreadsheet on excel of what they should be posting on all their social media channels for the next 3 weeks. I started secondary researching of what could help them out; I looked on the internet and then looked at other businesses social media pages. After this I then decided to add in my own opinion of what I think would be good to post. This was a very enjoyable task for me to complete and it was also very helpful to the business.  Once I finished this task I then went onto thinking about gifting. MarketMakers sends gifts certain times of the year to the big business they would love to work with. As it is coming up to August Bank Holiday weekend, they are wishing to send out some gifts. They gave me the budget and some of their previous ideas, therefore I then went on to researching and creating a spreadsheet of some of my ideas and different gifts they could choose from within the budget. The marketing team were proud yesterday as they found out that MarketMakers had been shortlisted for another award. A blog was then written about it then I had the chance to upload it.

On my final day I started off by filling up thirty sales packs. The sales pack is taken when a member of the sales team is meeting a potential client. Once I finished this I then helped with creating graphs for the OM Grading. This job has taught me how to use excel more efficiently and I’ve learnt how to use it in ways I never did before. Then finally, I created my blog. This blog has been interesting to create because it has made me realise how fun this experience has been and how much I appreciate the opportunity.

Did I enjoy it?

My time at MarketMakers has been incredible. I would recommend this job to anyone, if people have an opportunity to fulfil work experience then MarketMakers is the place they want to be. Even if you’re not interested in a business job then this would change your mind. It is such a great environment to be around and I will miss coming in to work when I finish. I have enjoyed every minute of my experience more than I ever imagined. I would definitely like to work at MarketMakers in the future, hopefully I will be able to get a job here once I had finished my time in education. I was nervous at the start but everyone has great personalities they really made me feel more than welcome. I thank everyone for making my experience amazing. I loved it!


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