The Ultimate Guide to a MarketMakers job interview

Mar 14, 2019 10:26:19 AM

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Our recruitment team have put together a best practice guide on preparing for a job interview at MarketMakers. Whether looking for a career in the sales and marketing industry or not, this blog can help you reach your full interviewing potential.

Congratulations – you have been invited for an interview at MarketMakers! So how can you make sure that you get the job?

Sales is all about knowing your why.

As part of the interview process, we are going to want to know: Why you want to work in sales? Why you want to work for MarketMakers? Why you get up in the morning?

To be able to answer these, you are going to need to prepare:

Prepare to talk about us. Removing the job itself from the equation, we are going to want to know why you have chosen us as an employer. Our website holds content on our values, awards, history, incentives, charities, clients as well as a whole host of additional information. Find what interests you and come prepared to talk about it.

Prepare to talk about the sector. You have the job description, which is a great start when looking into what the role entails. However, we suggest looking beyond this and doing some homework on what it takes to succeed in sales. Think about what sales means to you, for example: targets, pressure, money, incentives, pace.

Prepare to talk about yourself. When you think of sales, what transferable skills have you developed which could fulfill the role? Working under pressure, towards targets and with customers are some of the points worth thinking about. Also, what personal and professional goals do you hold, we like an ambitious individual!

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Ryan, Senior Talent Acquisition Executive

What to wear

Over-dressed is better than under-dressed. We work on a Razor basis which means looking as professional as possible at all times. Smart, not casual.

Be on time

It simply should not need mentioning but it still happens! It doesn’t leave a good first impression, so make sure you’re in reception at least 10 minutes before the start time. If this is a telephone interview, be in an area with good reception and a strong battery.

Don’t show up and throw up

Nerves are expected and can be useful, but you have to direct them in the right way. We want to hear about your preparation, who you are and what you can offer to the business, but don’t get too excited that you cut off or interrupt the interviewer. Listen and then respond. Give yourself a few seconds to digest the questions before firing back with your answer.

Be honest if you don’t know

It’s very obvious when you’re trying to make up the answer because you’re too embarrassed to say you don’t know. We sometimes use scenario based questions and we appreciate not everyone has been in every scenario. So if you don’t know, say so or even better, tell them what you would do in that scenario.

Relax and have a chat

Yes, this is a formal interview but our business is built on building rapport with clients and prospects. We want to see that you can relax and be as natural as you can be. This doesn’t mean cracking any awkward jokes but smile and be human!

Ask questions

Many people underestimate questions but this role is all about asking questions, so having nothing to ask could be a red flag to the interviewers. This is a two way street with you judging us as a prospective employer as much as we are judging you as a prospective employee. Be interested in the interviewers, our competitors, our initial and long-term expectations, growth plans and current clients.


If you would like to know more about MarketMakers or would like to speak to a member of our recruitment team about a career in sales and marketing, then email 

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