The Motivation Factor

Aug 19, 2016 21:10:00 PM

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By Annie Ireson

Working in a sales and a target driven environment can be exhilarating, fun, rewarding and full of success. When you are successful and doing well the positivity flows, work is a happy place and you feel invincible and confident. There will be times when this isn’t the case, and what feels like endless dialling and getting nowhere can become frustrating. For some telemarketers this can lead to a dip in motivation. People are hanging up before you’ve got a sentence out, the gatekeepers demand you email Joe Blogs because they won’t take calls, they assume you are just ‘another sales call’ and your upselling attempts and objection handling is greeted by a series of abrupt ‘no’s and your usual charm and persuasive skills are just not working. You feel like giving up and wonder if the job is for you.

What motivates us? When work is difficult and we are wishing the day away through breaks, lunch and home time: what are the motivations that keep us turning up to work and can turn a bad day/week in a better one?

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Here are some factors that can help a dialler keep motivated:

1. Your Colleagues

Your manager and people you sit with will know when it’s not happening and the leads/appointments have dried up. These are the best people to keep you smiling and dialling – by means of making you laugh, writing something silly or a positive message on a posit or an email.  It’s amazing how a brief conversation with a colleague or show of empathy can lift your spirits and provide you with invaluable support.

2. Self-Motivation

Sounds obvious but it is primarily down to us to motivate ourselves to come to work and the desire to do well. When we don’t do well we can look for help but we have to help ourselves.

Monday mornings and winter mornings; that horrible moment after a restless Sunday night’s sleep, the alarm goes off. It’s dark, cold and your body is telling you it’s the middle of the night but your alarm says ‘ it’s time to get up. Half a sleep you learn over and somehow manage to turn off the alarm because the thought of hearing the alarm ring tone keep repeating the same few bars is just too much. It’s 7 am for goodness sake! I should be turning over to fall back asleep. I wonder if it’s possible to get a duvet day?

Ring any bells? The battle to succeed at work is only one we must overcome, when it isn’t going so well the motivational issues start before you even get up. If you can’t motivate yourself in the basics, working in a pressurised sales environment is going to be tough.

3. Set Goals

Setting work goals for yourself can do wonders for a lagging work libido. Setting yourself achievable targets and objections can help your mojo; whether its aiming towards a promotion, being top dialler, man of the match etc. Having work targets and something to aim for can help those bad dialling days.

Having personal goals as well can help you keep focused- whether you want to move house, get married, go holiday, buy a car, whatever is might e. Sometimes we need an extra motivation and personal goals can give us an extra boost.

4. Breaks

Make sure you have breaks. If you’re having one of those challenging days, walk away and take a moment away from your desk – regroup and carry on. Yes, we have KPIs and targets to hit but if you’re feeling frustrated, it’s likely to come across in your voice and is not going to help.

Here are some motivation quotes from some well-known people;

  • I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”– Thomas Jefferson
  • I hope the millions of people I’ve touched have the optimism and desire to share their goals and hard work and persevere with a positive attitude.”– Michael Jordan
  • If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”– Benjamin Franklin

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Working in sales can be demanding and highly pressurised. Remember to ask for help if required and don’t struggle alone. You will have amazing days/weeks and not so good ones. Keep motivated and do your best and the rewards will follow. Determination creates success.

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