Telemarketing Bucks The Trend

Sep 13, 2012 21:28:53 PM

Datamonitor recently predicted for Enterprise companies that “this financial crisis will lead to a tight refocusing on near-term efficiencies”. With a gloomy economic outlook for 2009, companies are turning to providers who can deliver measurable results for a limited amount of money.

One company that has been seizing the opportunity to show that they can consistently deliver appointments and leads is MarketMakers. The south coast based telemarketing agency grew by 60% last year and took on major clients including both blue chip corporate and SME’s.

..”companies are increasingly looking at squeezing the most out of the customers they already have, whether through working unconverted sales leads or re-visiting lapsed customers”..

If accountable marketing makes economic sense, then telemarketing is one method that is not only measurable, but offers the flexibility to alter the message in real time, as a two-way interaction with the prospect provides instant feedback. This means the use of telemarketing can be a way to maximise every lead in order to increase the conversion rate.

..”Our telemarketers are the best in the business. We don’t use a script and our staff are motivated to deliver results for every client”..

“At the moment, we almost can’t take on the staff quick enough, but because we insist on only employing the best, most experienced telemarketers, we take our time to search the market for the cream of the crop. We all feel a personal responsibility to deliver for every client, and I think that is one of the secrets of our success.”

With MarketMakers’s cross-channel offering including email campaigns and a full marketing strategy department they are set to continue delivering for clients across the B to B landscape.

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