Take control of 2018

Dec 18, 2017 15:04:23 PM

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With the New Year approaching, you might be taking the time to think about your resolutions for next year. What is it you want to achieve in 2018, and how are you going to get there?

We all have goals whether we realise it or not – for example, you make the effort to get to work on time each day, this in itself is a goal. You need to have your own clear direction towards your goals and know exactly what you want to achieve.


Choose a goal that is personal to you. Write down this goal with a valid reason as to why you want to achieve this. Fully understand what is in it for yourself, and what YOU are going to achieve from the goal.


whats in it for me 300x223 - Take control of 2018


Break down your goal into targets that you can achieve along the way, and plan how you are going get there.

If two people were setting off on a trip they had never done before, how would they get there? One jumped straight in and started the journey with no pre planning; while the other spent time to map a route from point A to point B. With a plan, you are more than likely to arrive at the desired destination first, with no obstacles along the way.

Take the time to plan or you could end up like this …


a to b 300x106 - Take control of 2018

Instead of …

a to be straight 300x105 - Take control of 2018


Make sure you are tracking your targets to ensure your goal is still right for you and your current situation. Could your goal be achieved much quicker than you thought? Or has your goal taken a new path? Don’t just set a goal, plan it, and then ignore reviewing it. Review your goal at regular intervals to evaluate where you are on your path. If you have taken a wrong turn, just steady the ship quickly before you veer too far off course! Always stay aware of where you are on your path.

Excel trackers are a good way to keep an eye on your progress and staying on course.


example 300x98 - Take control of 2018


Always share your goal – tell as many people as you can! This will help to reinforce your commitment to yourself and your goals. Those around you are also more than likely to support your goal if they are aware of it, which can help achieving your goal much easier.

i want you 224x300 - Take control of 2018




The most important part of any goal is to celebrate your achievement. Treat yourself along the way for completing tasks linked with your goal. Whether this be hitting target at work that month, or losing an extra pound to what you had predicted; celebrate your success however you deem suitable.

Buying yourself a present at the end of each month is a positive way to celebrate. Pick three things you want, all varying in price, and award yourself according to how well the month went. If the month was exceptional, then reward yourself with the top present, if it was not as good as expected, the middle present, and if it did not go to plan at all, reward yourself with present three. It might sound crazy to reward yourself even if you did not do very well that month, but by doing this each month, it will keep you motivated to push for the top present.

celebrate 229x300 - Take control of 2018

So use December wisely to plan out make 2018 your best year yet!

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