How to implement your marketing automation software

Jul 21, 2015 07:59:55 AM

Marketing Marketing automation strategy

We have previously talked about the benefits of marketing automation (MA) and how choosing the right MA software can really transform the way you market

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How to get more leads part 4 – offline marketing

Apr 01, 2015 10:23:46 AM

Lead Generation Marketing strategy Telemarketing

Offline marketing, traditional marketing, old-fashioned; call it what you may, we are essentially talking about anything that doesn’t happen via the internet. So brochures, mailshots,

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How to Target Decision Makers

Sep 10, 2014 16:37:46 PM

data decision makers social media strategy Telemarketing

The goals of marketing generally boil down to a number of different things – Raise brand awareness Build product desire Reaching decision makers Informing and

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