Tom Furber – Learning & Development Manager 

“The support offered has been second to none and I now have the privilege of seeing so many people develop through the tiers via the Business School like I did.”

“As the business has grown throughout the years, so have I.”

Q. How long have you been working at MarketMakers?

I have worked at MarketMakers for over 10 years.

Q. What did you do before MarketMakers?

Before working at MarketMakers I studied a degree in Geography. When I left university I was unsure of what path I wanted to take.

I began working for a different telemarketing agency and quickly realised that I wanted to explore the world of sales.

Q. What made you want a job at MarketMakers?

Originally, I was extremely interested in sales and marketing. When I graduated university, the thought of moving into a teaching career had always been on my mind. When I saw that MarketMakers had a role offering both of these things I was keen to start working with the company and progress.

Q. What position did you start in at MarketMakers, and what positions did you progress into?

I came into MarketMakers as an Account Executive dialling on behalf of our clients. I then quickly moved up into an Account Manager role and kept progressing to achieve a promotion every 6 months after this.

People Director, Steve Cass approached me about an opportunity that had arisen in the Learning and Development team. Due to this combining my two interests and having a passion for training and coaching I was excited to move into this role.

I have worked my way up to be a Learning and Development Manager with my own team!

Q. Do you think progressing has been easy, have you been given enough opportunities?

As the business has grown throughout the years, so have I.

The progression has always been realistic, even whilst we’ve been excelling at the pace we have.

I have always found that the harder you work, the bigger the rewards are and more opportunities become available to you.

The support offered has been second to none and I now have the privilege of seeing so many people develop through the tiers via the Business School like I did.

Q. Talk to me about the support that was offer- have you completed any programmes through The Business School?

During my time at MarketMakers, I have completed two programmes through The Business School. These were the Optimum Leadership Programme and the Optimum Sales Programme.

It took me over a year to complete each course and since moving to the L&D team, I have been able to use my own experience of completing the programmes to help other people.

Since then, I have also achieved a CIPD!

Q. What do you like the most about working at MarketMakers?

I like the fast paced atmosphere that surrounds MarketMakers, as well as this I love the opportunity I have been given in the L&D team. It enables me to support others with their career progression.

The main responsibilities in my role include hosting power sessions and training and coaching – this is great because, I get to stay connected with people! As well as this, I now manage my own team of Learning and Development Executives.

Q. Are you offered support in your role, who is your manager what do they do for you?

As I progressed through the tiers, I was greatly supported by my Manager at the time, Jodie Goodchild.

Since joining the L&D team Steve has been very supportive in helping me achieve my personal and professional goals.

With my previous experience in the business, he had full confidence in me to independently lead power sessions. This has really built my confidence. He provided positive support and allowed me to explore all aspects of this role. I take pride in helping him to support the team.

Q. Do you use your progression to help inspire other members of staff?

I like to think so, since I have completed Optimum Leadership and Sales, it is easier to give people my support as they understand I have done it too.

Q. Do you have any personal goals that MarketMakers has helped you to achieve or any that you are currently working towards?

Self-development has become a massive part of my career and working here has been at the centre of all of that.

My personal goals were always to increase my earnings and form a career. Going forward, they’re still the same but, I also want to focus on my family and supporting them.

MarketMakers hasn’t only given me a career, it’s given me a good lifestyle and a family (my girlfriend works at our Sister Company, Really B2B!)

Lewis Hickish – Operations Manager “I completed the Optimum Programme which took me about 8/9 months, this landed me a job as Team Manager. The

Jodie Goodchild – Gwyther – Operations Manager “I like that MarketMakers will always have a new challenge for me.” “From Account Executive I was promoted

Penny Harding – Learning and Development Manager “I previously worked as a Training Partnership Manager, but I wanted to move back into the training delivery

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