Jodie Goodchild – Gwyther – Operations Manager

“I like that MarketMakers will always have a new challenge for me.”

“From Account Executive I was promoted to Account Manager. After this I was then promoted to Client Director because I successfully managed a low performing team and turned them around to ensure they were always hitting target.”

Q. How long have you been working at MarketMakers?

10 years.

Q. What did you do before MarketMakers?

Before I started at MarketMakers I used to work on the Isle of Wight ferries, this was my summer job after studying Art and Design at college. I didn’t have any experience in telemarketing or in an office based role.

Q. What made you want a job at MarketMakers?

A friend recommended the position to me and at the time I was interested in making money- MarketMakers allowed me to do that.

Q. What position did you start in at MarketMakers, and what positions did you progress into?

I started as an Account Executive, my interview was a lot simpler than the interview process today. I had a chat with Clare Pugh, was shown around the office (which at the time was full with only roughly 15 members of staff) and listened in on some calls. Clare asked me if it was something I could see myself doing and when I said yes I was offered the job.

After a company meeting led by our MD, Tom, I felt inspired to follow the 5 tier progression programme that MarketMakers had to offer (this was before the Business School). From Account Executive I was promoted to Account Manager. After this I was then promoted to Client Director because I successfully managed to take on a low performing team and turn it around so targets were hit. I am now an Operations Manager.

Q. Do you think progressing has been easy, have you been given enough opportunities?

As I was keen to progress at the time, I used to work above and beyond my job role. So- I wouldn’t say it has been easy but there has definitely been enough opportunities, you just have to work hard enough to progress. As well as taking on extra work to help my managers, I also never failed to hit target. After I got to Client Director, Clare became my line manager, to show my potential I took over some of Clare’s reports and responsibilities and helped deal with a number of complaints to show I had the ability to be an operations manager.

Q. Talk to me about the support that was on offer- have you completed any programmes through The Business School?

Yes- I was the first employee to complete the 5 Tier Progression Programme. This was before Optimum was available.

Q. What do you like the most about working at MarketMakers?

I like that MarketMakers will always have a new challenge for me. After being operations manager for three years, I moved from Bureau to Key- which is a completely different side to the business. I done this because I wanted to take on a new challenge- I now manage two of the company’s largest accounts, PRS and PPL.

Q. How are you planning to progress next, are you currently involved in any programmes?

I want to continue improving the results and targets for the campaigns I manage by promoting and hiring more staff.

Q. Are you offered support in your role, who is your manager what do they do for you?

My line manager is still Clare Pugh; Clare has constantly supported me and pushed me to work harder and take on more responsibility. This has helped me have a drive to succeed and got me to the position I am in now. I have also been supported by other employees who voted for me to win the Players Player award a few years ago (an award that is won based on the votes of the MM staff.)

Q. Do you use your progression to help inspire other members of staff?

I helped Tom Furber complete the Optimum programme before he joined the L&D team and I am currently mentoring three staff members through the Optimum programme. One has recently promoted to Direct Marketing Manager after just 8 months with the business.

Q. Do you have any personal goals that MarketMakers has helped you to achieve or any that you are currently working towards?

By working at MarketMakers and being given the opportunity to earn more money I have bought my own house, saved for my wedding and travelled.

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