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Apr 09, 2019 14:35:30 PM

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Following on from Really B2B’s Marketing Masterclasses a few weeks ago, we wanted to reflect on what we learnt and how we are taking action on this.

A huge thank you to our sister company Really B2B for welcoming us into their sessions and allowing us to develop from the knowledge they’ve accrued over 13 years.

We attended lots of sessions throughout the day, including:
  • Marketing Association
  • Social Content Planning
  • Organic Social and Social Advertising
  • Digital Creative
  • Display and Search Display / Remarketing
  • Renewal Planning
  • Unbounce Landing Pages

In a world where social media and digital marketing is constantly developing, we wanted to take away some of their tips and tricks on how to be at the top of our game on media platforms.

We enjoyed all of the classes! In particular, we loved the social media themed sessions.

1. Have a Social Content Strategy

We are making it our mission to follow these 5 tips to ensure we’re boosting our brand recognition and being noticed amongst the mass of B2B marketing on social media.

Having a strategy on where you want to take your social capabilities and how you want to do so is fundamental to success in social media marketing. The reason for this is, according to Dream Grow, there are more than 50 million businesses using Facebook alone as a marketing platform. What this means for your organisation is you have to compete with multiple brands to get your message across and catch your target markets’ attention.

Really B2B told us that you only hold the attention of your targeted prospect for a total of 8 seconds before they decide whether to move on or keep reading. So make every post count!

Decide what it is you want to achieve from each platform, whether this is increasing brand awareness, driving traffic or building a community around your brand. This will allow you to pin point where to focus on.

2. Be Consistent

The best and worst feature of social media is the ease of how quickly attention comes and goes. According to Sprocket Websites

How long does content last on social media  1024x512 - Social Media Masterclass
Infographic showing how long a post lasts on social media platforms such as Blog, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Blog: 2 years, Pinterest: 4 months, Youtube: 20 days, LinkedIn: 24 hours, Instagram: 21 hours, Facebook: 5 hours, Twitter: 18 minutes

This is why we need to be consistent with our social media. Not only with the quality, but how frequently we post. The more you post, the more MarketMakers appears on your target’s feed, and the more memorable your brand will become.

3. Brand Proposition

Consider the key point that pulls the brand together and makes it recognisable. It is always great to demonstrate your company values on social media. Your target market get a greater understanding of your culture and allows them to follow you on a journey with your business development and growth.

How long does content last on social media  2 - Social Media Masterclass
A picture showing the MarketMakers company values. The values are: One Team, Great Times, World Class Customer Expereience, Personal Development and Outstanding Performance.

Here at MarketMakers our 5 values are:

  • One Team
  • World Class Customer Experience
  • Great Times
  • Personal Development
  • Outstanding Performance

The way we demonstrate our company values and project them on social media is by showing live updates of where we are and what’s going on in the office. This allows us to open up to the public and let them see the MarketMakers culture.

4. Creative Considerations

You could have the most amazing artwork and content in the world, but little errors that marketers make mean people don’t read or look further into what the post is about.

When writing a post you need to make take into consideration: how much text you’re adding, how you’re phrasing the text and how it’s going to hold your viewers’ attention. When writing the captions for online pictures, we found that making it short, snappy and straight to the point encourage more people to engage and start a conversation with you. Really B2B taught us that if the text exceeds 250 characters or if a video is longer than 30 seconds, it will put you at risk of completely losing the reader. If your post is under 500 characters, you will have a 40% more click through rate and this is more likely to increase by a further 20% if you include hyperlinks.

How long does content last on social media  3 - Social Media Masterclass
If your social media post is under 500 characters you will have a 40% more click through rate and this is likely to increase by a further 20% if you include hyperlinks.

5. Make Mini Content

Finally, Really B2B spoke about ‘mini content’. Mini content refers to daily posts that aren’t necessarily vital to the brand or have a specific message, but look fun and attractive to your target market. This allows us to constantly be in the viewers mind and almost remarket on our own. Mini content should express what your business is like as a collective.

We are continuously looking to build on our brand awareness and have fun when interacting with our prospects online. We can’t wait to develop our social media journey throughout 2019, and hope that you can be a part of the adventure.

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By Sade Kendall

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