Reflection and Resolutions

Jan 25, 2018 14:27:52 PM

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January and the first chapter of 2018 are coming to a close. A time of resolutions and new beginnings but also the best chance to reflect on the year you have had, and to anticipate the year ahead.


It is too easy to rush ahead in life, often forgetting to reflect on our progress. It is the norm to be looking ahead to the next thing – a holiday, social event, or just passing the time to block out the colder months.  There is nothing wrong with looking ahead and making plans, but our past will help to shape the future. Learning from what we have been through, will guide our future path. Don’t just rush ahead into 2018 without enjoying your experiences.

  • Include some quiet time into your schedule, just a few minutes a day to reflect on the day and evaluate it. What went well? What didn’t? Did you make yourself proud today? Did anything disappoint or upset you? These questions will prepare you for tomorrow and put you in the best mind set.
  • Do you express your values in your actions? Values are unique to each of us and can guide us to where we want to go. Live can seem unfulfilled without values, so be sure to live up to them.
  • Being grateful in life can change life’s focus. Continue to do more things you are grateful for in order to peruse a happy and positive lifestyle.
  • What do you want in 2018? Understand what it is you want to gain from the year then plan how you are going to achieve it. Setting goals and targets will help you to fulfil your aspirations.


Keep pushing ahead and allow time to reflect on what has been. It’s not the amount of time you devote, but what you devote to the time that counts.

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