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Jun 27, 2014 17:21:26 PM

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Prior to any telemarketing campaign putting together a succinct and targeted brief is essential to ensure that everyone is working towards the right outcome for you.

There are no hard rules about what should be included in your brief and the following areas are intended as guidelines and of course should you be in any doubt or need additional guidance then your campaign manager will be more than happy to help.

1 – Clearly identify who to target

Have you clearly defined who you want to target? By this we don’t mean “decision makers” but ensure you look at industries that are relevant and likely to be receptive.

From here it is then good to look at just how the industry works. For example is it a corporate environment, self-employed or SMB’s.

A clearly defined demographic from the outset will help shape the approach and delivery method as well as give the diallers key insights into who they will be dealing with.

What has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past? – Any industry news which will impact or be relevant to your offering to the wider market?

define your target - Pre Telemarketing Campaign Brief

2 – Is your data accurate if not what can be done

Campaign success or failure can hinge on the quality of the data supplied. Building a contact list through traditional marketing is well documented but how to ensure the data is of sufficient standard to yield results is far harder.

That is why we have our data cleansing and enrichment service, to ensure that the information provided is not only up to scrutiny but stays that way.

3 – Define the Strategy and Approach

This can raise a number of questions for example should you go scripted or unscripted? Whilst some prefer a scripted approach because it offers uniformity and minimal room for error in misrepresenting the brand. At MarketMakers we believe that all B2B telemarketing should be done unscripted as it allows the caller to be more dynamic and build a genuine rapport with the prospect.

unique selling point - Pre Telemarketing Campaign Brief

4 – Is the USP clear to everyone?

According to the internet* Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. This is as true of your USP as it is physics. If you cannot explain it properly to the telemarketing team then they will not be able communicate it to the prospects accurately & succinctly, and in a time constrained environment keeping it simple and to the point is key.

5 – What does success look like?

Have you considered what your definition of success will be? This will be essential in reviewing the campaign before, during and after the campaign.

Do you know for example just how many appointments converted to business you need to be profitable? So to that end do you know your appointment conversion rate? From there you can work out how many leads need to be generated to meet this.

6 – Is it aligned with other marketing channels?

Have you got other marketing activity in place? For example if a major car brand is stepping up with a new offer on contract hire for company car drivers, they will support this with activity across multiple channels both offline and digitally.

Then when a prospect receives a call the chances are they will already be familiar with the offer presented.

Simply ensure that you join the dots and keep it as cohesive as possible by letting the telemarketing agency know about supporting marketing activity.

b8ae766c48821c7eb0f82e5c12becb84 - Pre Telemarketing Campaign Brief

7 – Agree the feedback method

Feedback is essential at all stages of a campaign and whilst you may not be able to fully agree this via a brief, highlighting how you want to be able to evaluate performance will open essential dialogues with the key players and allow transparency in agreeing the way ahead.

Overall the key things are transparency and honesty, by being clear about what you need to achieve you can be sure that the team will return that in defining what can be achieved and throughout the campaign.

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