Does the perfect close exist?

Sep 07, 2018 11:16:57 AM

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By Daisy Truman

The answer to this question is of course no. There will never be one, universal close that can be used to secure a lead, as this is the nature of telecommunications.

Although we cannot provide the ‘perfect close’, what we can do is identify ways to categorise the type of conversation being had, and find the best possible way to ensure the lead is converted and ROI is met. Here are some ways we do this- following some of these steps can improve your sales and appointment setting.

DISC Profiling

An important way of ensuring the most is made from a sales/marketing call is DISC Profiling. DISC is a tool that enhances closing skills as it helps to understand your prospect by building rapport, and communicating at a level that engages and makes them feel comfortable.

Depending on the profile of your prospective lead, communication techniques like your tone, language, and talk-time should be considered.

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Close Types

Imagine it now. You’ve had a long and demanding call and it is nearing the end. What is the ideal close to ensure your prospect turns into a qualified sales lead?

We have identified eight closes that can be really successful in securing the outcome of your call:

Direct- The clue is in the name. This is used when you have delivered the ideal call and the sale is in the bag.

Alternative- Offering a final question so they can’t say no, i.e. ‘Is Monday morning or afternoon best for you?’

Summary- Often used when a good rapport has been made and there is a noticeable need for the product/ service you are offering.

Assumptive- A common type of close which, used with confidence can be very successful. Often involves a direct question i.e. ‘When are you available?’

WARNING! This close type needs to be timed just right so the telemarketer doesn’t come across as pushy.

Trial- This can be better described as a practice close, using it to test the water before a Direct or Assumptive question is used to finish.

Objection- This involves suggesting a realistic problem and solution scenario, which can show emphasise the USP of the product/ service.

Recommendation- Used for prospective leads that seem uncertain/undecided. For example, ‘I would recommend that we…’

Thermometer- This is an ideal way of gauging an interest over the phone. ‘If I was to find out your interest on a scale of 1-10, where would it be?

Although these tools can improve the delivery of your pitch, even the best telemarketers can fall at the final hurdle. Not every call will go your way and the deals you were convinced ‘were in the bag’ can slip through your fingers. That’s why it is important to stay motivated and keep positive!

Learning to use all of these techniques, is the secret to success. Every call is different and using the right close in the right situation will not only improve your results, but will help to gain new customers and retain satisfied clients.

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