Overcoming Objections Leads to Lead Generation Success

Aug 15, 2012 21:33:36 PM

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We’ve probably all done it at some point in our lives.  We have all ignored, rejected and hung up telemarketing calls. This is so easy for anyone to do; but from a telemarketing professional’s point of view, it is interesting to think about what makes you, as a consumer stay on the phone to these companies.  And how do I become a telemarketing agent that makes people want to stay on the phone with me?

Due to the fact that that I work on an outbound lead generation campaign, I do not want to spend my working hours feeling like an inconvenience to the businesses I am calling. Yes I have many calls ignored and yes, I have many people bring out every excuse under the sun as to why they can’t speak to me. But one thing that is essential when working as a telemarketer, is knowing how to handle objections successfully.

When attending a recent Lead Generation and Appointment Setting training course, another delegate raised the point that the most important part of a telemarketing call is the opening sentence. He went on to explain how he likes to match the tone or ‘mirror’ his customers. So if the contact was warm or bubbly, then he would match this. If they sound formal and serious then, again, the agent would try to match this.

Thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense.  Whether we’re talking business or leisure, generally we take to people whom have a similar persona to us. The consumer will not realise we are purposely imitating them, but they will naturally warm to us. Whether you aredialling on a B2B telemarketing campaign or B2C, if you can break the first barrier which is the introduction, then you have more chance of a successful outcome. This strategy should then be followed throughout the call, for example, if the receiver allows a polite, friendly conversation, we should mirror this. Alternatively if they are interrogative, we should also mildly interrogate them in order to compromise what can be a great lead.

When it comes to successful and effective objection handling, it is vital to be able to effectively take the spotlight off the negative, and refocus it on the positive.

Tick Boxes - Overcoming Objections Leads to Lead Generation Success

“I always like to remember that every rejection leads to an opportunity for improvement and every improvement gets me even closer to the next successful outcome!”

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