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Jul 20, 2017 14:51:47 PM

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When I first pulled up to 1000 Lakeside I was nervous about coming into such a big work place for the first time, and not knowing anyone was really playing on my mind. I collected my visitors badge, took the stairs to the second floor, and walked into the MarketMakers reception. The receptionist was very nice as she asked me to sign in and told me to come back to reception if I was ever lost or needed anything. Elle from Marketing introduced herself to me and took me to where I would be working for the next two weeks. As I walked round the corner, everyone was very polite and introduced themselves to me. I quickly came to realize that this company was one big family and everyone was having fun while doing their work.

Over the last two weeks of my work experience, I have learnt many skills and have taken in a variety of information. I have learnt a lot about MarketMakers;

  • MarketMakers are a B2B telemarketing company
  • B2B stands for Business to Business and B2C stands for Business to Consumer
  • MarketMakers are the leading B2B telemarketing company
  • Market Makers are ranked in the best companies to work for in the UK

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What have I got up to?

I have done a lot of work on excel, creating spreadsheets. The marketing team, who I have been with the past 2 weeks, have always made sure that I was enjoying the tasks given and I could move onto something else if wanted. I have also worked closely with the LinkedIn team who have showed me what LinkedIn is and how to use it. (Surprisingly not that hard to use!) I have researched different industries on LinkedIn and collated the data onto an excel spreadsheet which is later uploaded to the MarketMakers database. I was given the opportunity to look into the advertising spend and how it is broken down. This was very interesting as it gave me a better understanding of what goes into creating new business.

Earlier in my work experience, I researched various direct mail pieces for MarketMakers to send as part of a campaign. This is a good way to draw in potential clients and make them feel wanted by MarketMakers. For example, if I were targeting fleet services, the type of things we would put in for that would be;

  • Gift vouchers for Starbucks, McDonalds and Costa etc (ideal places to visit whilst on the go)
  • Gift cards of petrol
  • Van air fresheners
  • The packaging could be a van that opens up and has all the treats inside.

Another part of the work experience was listening into inbound and outbound phone calls. This gave me a good understanding of what to say to the customer from the notes I have written down and hopefully I can use these in the future and be on the phones myself.

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Why did I chose MarketMakers work experience and did I enjoy it?

My first day was a bit nerve-racking but when I got in everyone was so welcoming and nice that those nerves went away fast. I have really enjoyed my time at MarketMakers and it has really given me an insight to what working for a B2B telemarketing business is like. I am happy that I chose MarketMakers because it has been such a good 2 weeks doing the different activities assigned to me. I would definitely recommend to a friend if they were looking for a place to do work experience even if they do not want to do marketing because you get to learn so many skills and have a great experience. Maybe by the time they finish the work experience, they may have changed their mind. I would definitely love to work for MarketMakers in the future, as I know I would enjoy every minute of it.


Work Experience 2017

Luca Wills



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