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Apr 06, 2018 15:49:24 PM

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With competition at an all-time high, companies want to push their brand closer to being the biggest and the best. To do this, decision makers understand they need to leap out of the UK and push their services overseas, reaching a record high number of prospects. With all of the big companies already planting seeds in more than one country, we know that you’re thinking it’s about time you did too.

But how?

At MarketMakers, we offer a unique service which helps our clients find and win customers across Europe. By providing multilingual telemarketing campaigns, we can not only help you reach new customers, but also grow your brand awareness with talented telemarketers and influential conversations.


Here are some of the things that makes our service so diverse.multilingual transparent  300x300 - Master the World with Multilingual Telemarketing

The Native Tongue

Reaching out to prospects in foreign territories can come with its complications and language is not always the only obstacle. With accent and cultural differences also creating setbacks, we know how important the native tongue is, so for each campaign, we use experienced telemarketers who are from the countries we are targeting. By favouring the native tongue over a second language, we can prevent both accent and cultural barriers when having imperative conversations. Doing this can secure greater respect from businesses in our neighbouring countries, because they are able to speak to someone who understands their community.

Under One Umbrella

The likelihood is, if you are looking to start up a multilingual campaign, you already either have plans of a UK campaign, or one already up and running.

Consistency is key to creating a solid brand image. By using the same telemarketing agency to fulfil strategies both in and out of the UK, you are ensuring your message is simultaneous and your approach is consistent.

Not only does the ‘single view’ approach take away additional work for the client, but by keeping project management and training under the same umbrella, reporting and analysing can be done so much more effectively.

Staying in Control

To educate your in-house team on such a large scale can be time consuming and can take a huge chunk from your marketing budget. The right multilingual agency can take care of this for you, ensuring all potential risk factors are covered.

Direct marketing rules in Europe vary from the UK. We have experts who understand each countries situation and will make sure we are making the most of every opportunity, whilst being considerate of individual countries regulations.

The Right People at the Right Time

We understand no one knows your service as much as you do, and since we are experts in the global market, we are enthusiastic to learn your product inside and out so we can present it to a wider market, helping increase brand awareness across the world and ultimately, boost prospects and ensure you have record breaking sales volumes.

M ultilingual april 18 300x297 - Master the World with Multilingual Telemarketing

Also, you needn’t worry about sourcing the right data for the industries you wish to target, because we can do that for you.


Together we can reach 11 native languages, 16 European countries, 500,000+ companies and 1.5 million decision makers. So, contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our specialists today.

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