MarketMakers Record Breakers

Jan 19, 2012 22:07:37 PM

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Climbing up a wall 680 times in one day is exhausting stuff.  In fact, it’s the same as climbing Mount Everest – 29,000ft.

But 12 energetic fundraisers did just that as they took it in turns to scale a 13m wall continuously for nine hours, 58 minutes – and in doing so have broken a world record.

Staff from MarketMakers, based at North Harbour, visited Calshot Activities Centre near Southampton to complete the extraordinary challenge.

The charity event has helped raise cash for the company’s £48,000 bid to build a new primary school, nursery, health centre and water course in the African country of Cameroon.

Henry Braithwaite, one the climbers, said: ‘We completed the climb much quicker than we expected.  We’re very tried, and there’s a few blisters and aching muscles but we think we’ve got the record.’

The event raised £3,000, which put the company over it’s target.

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