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Jul 19, 2017 12:45:08 PM

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Created by Steve Cass in 2011, the MarketMakers Business School has continued to grow year on year, with new power sessions being added and well established sessions evolving. More and more of the MarketMakers team are developing their careers with the help of the Business School.

The Business School’s main focus is to inspire, motivate and equip members of the MM family to break out of their comfort zones and learn new skills. The Business School was previously made up of 5 core elements which were delivered via Power Sessions, Buddy Sessions and New Campaign Workshops.

These 5 elements were:

Foundation, Advanced, Sales, Executive and Optimum

The different elements help all employees at different stages of their career either improve on their current performance or push up to the next level. Steve and his team are always coming up with different methods of improving the Business School and this latest addition could be the best improvement yet. After hearing consistent feedback about how methods within the Business School could help with daily life in general, not just at work, Steve decided to add a 6th element.

Introducing the 6th element of the Business School: Lifestyle! “By helping people improve their life and relationships outside of work, we are essentially helping improve people’s life within work”, Steve explained.

The new element will explore the following areas:

Mind Power

 This will focus on building people’s confidence, managing anxiety, explaining the effects of PMA (positive mental attitude), ‘living for the moment’ and making choices.

Physical Energy Management

 This will explore how being physically healthy can impact your happiness, talking about activities that increase your energy levels, sleeping techniques and healthy food

Money Matters

One of the biggest worries for many people is money. This section will help us understand debt, effective wage management, planning your money and making your money go further.

Life Management

This explores the balance between work and life, dealing with different life pressures and building great relationships

Career Development

Career development is essential for the progression of any individual or business, this section will explore and explain effective promotion planning and professional goals.

Our Learning and Development team are constantly working with our employees to help them grow as individuals, making them happier and more confident both inside and outside the MarketMakers office. We thrive off being one team so making sure our employees are as happy outside work as they are inside of work is important to us.

The new sessions are due to start next month so look out for more blog posts on the 6th element!

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