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Oct 23, 2017 08:41:28 AM

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Mondays are often the dullest part of the working week… But not in the MarketMakers office. Our MD, Henry Braithwaite, kicked off our Monday morning with a 10 point action plan that could change your week. Split into four areas, the plan takes you from morning to evening and can make sure you are making the most out of each day.



  1. Long term plan
    1. What do you want from this next segment of your-life (ideally 1-5 years, but if you can’t think that far just imagine where you want to be by Christmas).
    2. Imagine the best version of yourself; what would that would look like?
  1. Short term plan
    1. Bearing in mind your Long term plan; what do you need to do this month?
    2. This should be a concise list of a few bullet points you know off by heart
    3. Use this as your compass when making decisions where to invest your time
  1. Reward
    1. Humans respond VERY well to rewards.
    2. Increase the likelihood of hitting your short term plan, by setting your own incentive to it
    3. The best incentives are those that pay for themselves


The Morning

  1. Win the morning
    1. A fantastic morning will lead to a fantastic day however….you are at your most vulnerable very first thing in the morning as your brain and body is not at full speed
    2. Plan your perfect morning routine; remove stressors
  1. What to think about
    1. Give your brain a good breakfast; 2 things to force yourself to think about in the morning
      1. Gratitude; what are you grateful for in life
      2. Excitement; what are you looking forward to in life


In The Office

  1. Graft
    1. Nothing is as powerful as hard work
    2. Everyone gets 8,760 hours a year. Most jobs are 1,632 hours a year. Imagine the long term pay off if you did 120% the hours of everyone else?
  1. Energy
    1. Get yourself energised: Motion creates emotion


The Evening

  1. Do something good
    1. Something you know you should; some exercise, some time with your kids, something to help a charity.
  1. Reflect
    1. What do you think about your day; what did you do well. What could you do better next time
    2. Important; do this in a positive way; be your biggest fan not your biggest critic
  1. Plan tomorrow
    1. Get the to-do list down; sleep on it


One of MarketMakers values is Personal Development. We want everyone in our team to be constantly working on their personal development. Work hard and set goals to achieve dreams.

The 10 point plan is not restricted to improving your career, but is open to changing all areas of life.

Having something to be excited for, allows your mind to concentrate on what is important. Achieving goals creates a happiness, in turn improving your quality of life. Success is peace of mind. This is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

“A happy mind is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is good for the body.” Dalai Lama.


Plan your goals and achieve your dreams with the 10 point plan.

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