Marketing Strategies 101.

Sep 20, 2018 14:56:23 PM

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By Daisy Truman

As we are reaching the end of September, a number of companies would have started planning their marketing strategy for 2019 (I know we are!)

To ensure your business development efforts are rewarded and your ROIs are maximised, we have put together a guide to creating a successful marketing plan. This alongside a cleansed and compliant database, a thriving social media presence, and a motivated team should make for an effective strategy to launch for the New Year.

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The key to any learnings is to recap on the previous month/year, and recognise what worked really well, and more importantly what didn’t. It is important to reflect on your previous results and direct your efforts and attention accordingly. If your email marketing generated the most business based on its AOV, then you should be working out a way to replicate those results for 2019. If something isn’t broken, then why fix it?

75% of MarketMakers revenue is generated from existing clients – Our continued campaign renewal shows us that we deliver results for our client’s year-on-year.

However, what is also really important is to establish areas where your marketing efforts didn’t produce the results they should have – then this should be revised and understood to find out what didn’t work and what should be done to move it forward.

Be aware

All too often, companies are forgotten about as their marketing efforts do not replicate the changing marketing environment around them. Tapping into the latest trends and emerging technologies in the marketing sphere will help to keep you in touch with your prospective business and your competitors.

Strategies like ABM (Account-based marketing) have and will continue to produce viable results for businesses in 2019, so it is important to find out what works in the industry and use this to your advantage.

87% of B2B marketers have agreed ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing activities

A major part of developing a successful marketing strategy is to explore new options. Leading technologies like VR (Virtual Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are being used more frequently as a tool for generating new business. Be creative and look at different marketing options as a way of increasing your potential lead generation.

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Make measureable targets

It’s all well and good setting goals and targets for the year, but these need to be realistic and attainable. Of course we are not saying don’t be hopeful, because it’s really important to set your sights high and challenge your team!

These targets can be determined by a number of things:

  • Evaluate last year’s outcomes and see how these match up to your 2019 targets.
  • Do your research and see what other companies are saying about their experience using different marketing tools and platforms.
  • Your budget- the results that you need to get will depend on your ROI and how this will be reached.

If you would like to find out more about how MarketMakers may be able to help you with your marketing strategy, then give us a call on 0845 468 0880. As well as offering our UK leading telemarketing services, we also provide accompanying email marketing, and have recently launched our new Data Services provider.

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