How To Be A Successful Business

Jun 24, 2016 12:18:01 PM

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The following blog post was written by Frankie Exton, aged 15 from Trafalgar School in Portsmouth who has been with us for work experience.

The Qualities Needed

To be a successful business you need to have a team that can work together and get along with each other. You need a team that are productive and get on with their work, the team also need to be able to communicate well with one another so they don’t lose interest. Following this, you need a team that specialise in a variety of different activities and a team that can help others when needed. Finally, you need a team that can talk to a wide range of people that are both from the UK and from other countries. You need a mixed team of people from all around the world so you can communicate with more businesses, this will boost profit because you can interact with more people because you are not limited to just the UK.

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Why You Need These Qualities

Your team need these qualities so everything can run smoothly, it is also helpful to have a team who work well together. So if anyone needs help in a particular area that someone else is more experienced in, he/she can show them how to overcome the problem, and they will then know this for future reference. Following this, you need a team with these qualities so you can confidently contact companies all around the world, this allows you to be a well-known company world-wide. This gives you opportunities to work with bigger companies in different countries and it allows you to make more money because you are not just limited to working with businesses in Europe, you can have the opportunity to work with companies from USA and Canada etc, therefore giving you a better chance to help you expand your business.

What You Need To Do To Become A Known Business

You need to start off by talking to smaller companies, then once you have grown you can start to attend exhibitions and events where you can show new customers what you do and who you work with. It is important to only go to exhibitions if you have a big enough budget to showcase your business. It is important that you plan in advance so you are guaranteed to make a profit, and if you don’t make a profit you do not want to leave your company in an unstable situation. However, you normally always profit from events and they can make sure your business gets known and unknown company’s interested in what you do make themselves known and give you an opportunity to start working with them, this would then put you in a good place because you could help some big companies and little companies and they can in return help you.

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