MarketMakers Goal Setting Day

Jan 23, 2019 16:07:27 PM

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With yesterday being the MarketMakers annual Goal Setting Day we thought we would share with you some of the amazing things that went on in the office to keep the team determined and results hungry in 2019.

We discovered that 50% of people who physically write down their goal are more likely to achieve it, and those who review their goals regularly are even more prone to succeed in what they initially set out to do in the time frame they desired.

So, we wanted to put this into play. We had everyone come in with their New Year’s Resolution displayed across their uniform for all to see. We had an amazing turn out, seeing everything from promotion tags, to holiday shirts. The Phantom of the Oprah even made an appearance!

Some of the goals that people came in with included:

          Learning to drive

          Moving to the next step in their career by getting a promotion

          Travelling more and experiencing new things

          Being positive

          Quitting smoking

          Saving for a deposit on their new home

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As well as this, our L&D famous Steve Cass hosted several Goal Setting Power Sessions which allowed people to map out how they were going to achieve what they wanted from 2019. His enthusiastic passion gave everyone the push they needed to embrace the January rush and put into play the steps needed to succeed.

In the Power Session we were taught about the different ‘desire triggers’ involved with setting our next goal and how we can correctly map the best pathway to ensure we are making productive steps in the right direction. This even included linking different goals, which can work in our favour!

We were also coached to use the Goals Pyramid. The 4 tier Pyramid is used to remind you of how you will achieve your goal and why you want it. The first tier is for the goal itself and when you want it by. The second, being your strategy, what mile stones would you be take to get there? The third tier is your behaviour, what habits do you need to develop to break the mould and push yourself? Finally, the reward, what benefit would this bring to you and your life?

Crop 300x221 - MarketMakers Goal Setting Day


Following on from this we got to understand what a SMART target is and how this is a huge benefit to every goal we make.

GOALS 300x221 - MarketMakers Goal Setting Day

These are all factors we took into account yesterday in order to get moving in the right direction.

Now we have put it out there, we are eager to get started and put all of the great things we learnt yesterday into action.

Watch this space 2019, we are coming for you!

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By Sade Kendall

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