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Jun 14, 2019 08:23:46 AM

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In the business world there are so many different types of people with various personality traits. Whilst making work life interesting, it makes the selling your business a little trickier. This is where DISC comes in… 

To make selling easier for the marketing and sales industry we use a theory developed by Walter Clark called DISC profiling.

DISC profiling is a mix of 4 different personality types; Dominant, Influencer, Steady and Conscientious. The theory states that every single person fits into at least one of these categories. Many people can have three of these profiles but, never four. They’re defined by how the person prefers to be spoken to, how they want to be perceived and the habits they’ve developed over time.


Dominant people take up approximately 3% of the world’s population. The typical traits of a dominant profile would be that they’re bold, confident, direct and competitive.

A give away we look for when identifying a D profile is that they get to the point quickly.


The 11% of people who are an Influencer are enthusiastic, optimistic and passionate.

To recognise an I profile just see how much they like talking.


A Steady profile is completely different from the previous profiles’ attributes. They make up 69% of the world. An S profile is quiet, patient and a pretty good listener.

Being more common they’re easier to spot! Their give-away is they don’t say too much, they’re often just absorbing the information you’re giving them.


A C profile is a person who treads with caution, they’re a perfectionist who is very thorough and detailed with the work they do.

Their identifying factor is they love facts and figures so you’ll definitely see them with a spreadsheet or graph. If you’re a C profile you’ll have already added up that you’re in the 17% of people that are in this sector.

The ability to understand these profiles can enhance your performance massively in any field. It allows you to make your business more appealing to people by personalising each sales pitch.

A great everyday example our People Director, Steve Cass, uses is the ‘elevator situation’.


When waiting for an elevator a D profile would be more likely to press the button multiple times. Steve says this is because they have more important things to do than wait around for an elevator and they think if they press it over and over it’ll come quicker.

DISC Profiling 300x221 - DISC Profiling

An Influencer profile is more likely to be the person that cracks a joke or tries to spark conversation whilst everyone else is silent.

DISC Profiling 1 300x221 - DISC Profiling

A Steady profile would see someone coming and keep the door open for them inviting them into the packed list. They may even give up their space in the lift for the other person.

DISC Profiling 2 300x221 - DISC Profiling

A Conscientious profile is a lot different. They will analyse every detail before getting inside. They will study how many people are getting into the lift, when the last safety certificate was and the maximum weight allowed inside.

DISC Profiling 3 300x221 - DISC Profiling

Who do we know in these profiles?

Dominant – Alan Sugar or Donald Trump

Influencer – Will Smith or Melissa McCarthy

Steady – Ghandi or Ellen DeGeneres

Conscientious – Albert Einstein or Mark Zuckerberg


Can you guess which DISC profile wrote this?

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