Dialling During the Summer Months

Jun 27, 2014 17:19:00 PM

Summer beach holiday - Dialling During the Summer Months

A common misconception is that dialling during the peak holiday seasons returns a lower than average number of appointments, in our experience this is often the complete opposite of what actually happens.

Most campaigns will see an increase in results during the summer months, usually August and September are the peak times in which we see a large increase in numbers, there are a multitude of factors that contribute to this increase which are listed below:


Most gatekeepers are typically mid-senior and junior level staff; this means that they are likely to take annual leave during the summer months leaving either a temporary worker or less experienced staff to look after inbound calls. This increases the contact rates with key decision makers within any organisation allowing a much higher contact rate which in turn leads to a much higher conversion rate.

Decision Makers:

During the summer months we are all undeniably happier, the sun is out, it’s warm and ice cream is an acceptable food source once again! Everywhere we look people are out smiling, having BBQ’s with friends and families. This happiness and level of contentment will filter back into a working environment; Decision Makers become relaxed and more open to conversations, call lengths improve leading to increased qualification of opportunities and as such potentially stronger leads.


Every business reaches peaks within their core business operations, the summer holidays and Christmas breaks are usually times wherein the majority of businesses will see a slowing down as the summer holidays impacts productivity due to trips abroad and school holidays. By capitalising your marketing efforts in your slower months you are able to significantly grow your client base and increase your market share whilst utilising availability of your sales team as well as taking the lead against your competitors!

in the office in summer - Dialling During the Summer Months

In short there are not very many times during a year you should consider slowing down your marketing activities. If your competitors are slowing down you should be speeding up. Why move with the industry? Take advantage, the business is out there, go and get it!

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