MarketMakers is a Best Workplaces for Women 2018

Jul 05, 2018 12:54:02 PM

Best Workplaces Equality Opportunities Women at Work

By Daisy Truman

MarketMakers has been announced as a UK Best Workplaces for Women! Daisy Truman speaks to some of the brilliant women from the MarketMakers team to find out more about their experiences.

Clare Pugh, Commercial Operations Director- ‘I think that the women empowerment that we have here is testament to quite a lot of our values.’

It’s great to catch up with our Commercial Operations Director, Clare Pugh, to find out some of the ways MarketMakers has helped her progress both personally and within her career.

We begin by talking about the equal opportunities that she has been given throughout her time at the company and how this is reciprocated within the culture of the business.

‘I was the first employee at MarketMakers back in 2004 and I have always had an equal opportunity to progress and develop. We have a family feel here in the business so what is super important is that we do have lots of different types of individuals whether it be gender, race or sexual orientation to ensure that we have got lots of different viewpoints so that we can keep driving our values forward’.

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Left to right- Ava Lewis and Clare Pugh.

Female Success Stories

Reflecting on her time at MarketMakers, Clare said ‘I am super proud of the diversity of the business, and we actively encourage people to qualify and develop through the team. Jodie Goodchild, our Operations Manager for example, didn’t have any telemarketing or marketing experience before coming to MarketMakers over eleven years ago. She has worked her way up from being on the phones, through to team management, and through to operational management where she now holds the largest volume of employees with just over 55 individuals in her department and she has bred the same culture within her unit. In fact, 4 out of 5 of her managers are also female’.

‘For us, progression has all been down to skillset, development, and attitude and this is echoed throughout Really B2B too where we have a super strong female force with Kirsty Dawe who is the Managing Director. Also looking out to the field sales team our top selling individual for the last couple of months is a female, so in every single area of the business there will always be a female influence and I’m a strong believer in that helping to build the culture’.

We finish off our chat looking ahead to the future of MarketMakers and specifically about our acquisition with Centaur Media where Clare stated that ‘what was really encouraging to me when we had the acquisition was that 70% of the board are also female. So for me that solidified the future of us working with them as both businesses have similar cultures’.

Ava Lewis, Head of Operations- ‘I’ve had a fantastic career so far and have worked up in seven years to run a department’.

I then head over to the Head of Operations Ava Lewis, who after recently starting a family of her own has been able to experience the support and security that MarketMakers offers around maternity and childcare.

We talk about the importance of flexibility in the workplace in maintaining a strong work and respect among employees and she stated that ‘MarketMakers are a really flexible business in allowing me to work the hours that I need to around my childcare which is really helpful, and they have allowed me to have a good work/life balance which is important. MarketMakers are also supportive of the men that work here and give them the option to be flexible with their working hours to support childcare’.




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