Add Telemarketing To Your Next Campaign and Watch Your ROI Soar.

Aug 15, 2012 21:36:37 PM

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When it comes to engaging in any marketing campaign, in the same way that ‘Activity’ can boost your results, ‘Inactivity’ can cost you. For example, if you are looking to send a direct mail out to a select list of contacts but the contact list is old, you know that you should invest time and money to run a data cleanse and then send your direct mail piece.

But what next?

Well you can sit back like the rest of the proverbial fisherman and wait for a bite… Or you can jump into the sea with a harpoon gun and go get yourself some fish!

Success rates in any marketing campaign can fluctuate depending on so many variables that you really should never leave it to chance. Geographic’s, economics, contact rate, relevance, timing and even general ignorance can play a massive part in the success of a direct mail piece. So why not consider bolting on Telemarketing activity to your campaign to guarantee the best possible result?

Telemarketing is proven to boost your lead generation efforts and increase your overall return

We live in a time where marketing is at the forefront of almost every buying decision we make. As business people and as consumers, we are constantly told ‘what the next big thing is’ or ‘where we should spend our hard earned money’. So the arena is the same, but the challenges have evolved. It’s no longer enough to establish your target and send a nice mail piece. You need to follow this up with a proactive and targeted call to confirm receipt, build rapport and make that person feel special.

There are hundreds of thousands of companies sending millions of mailers every single day. If you can make your offering stand out from the crowd and go the extra mile by being proactive and following up, you can claim that extra 20% of business that is otherwise lost as a bite here and a bite there to your competition based on who sent the prettiest picture

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