A visit from Naomi House & Jacksplace

Mar 19, 2020 10:25:18 AM

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On Monday morning MarketMakers HQ were delighted to have representative Lisa and team in from Naomi House & Jacksplace, a locally-based hospice which treats approximately 325 children with life threatening or life-limiting conditions.

As well as finding out about some of the life changing services the hospice provides, it was great for the MarketMakers and Really B2B teams to have a clear vision of how much dedication the charity has to ensure they provide long lasting memories for the whole family through the good days, difficult days and last days. The team were also able to see how their fundraising makes a real life impact to those children and their families who rely on Naomi House & Jacksplace.

Naomi House & Jacksplace

  • Naomi House was designed for children aged 16 and under and their families to have a secure environment to spend time with one another away from hospitals, that feels more like a home away from home.
  • Jacksplace was launched 10 years ago in response to medical advances that meant children who used Naomi House were living longer than had first been expected. Aimed at young adults 16+, Jacksplace is focused on creating independence for these young adults whilst ensuring care and support.
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Naomi House

MarketMakers charity work

Each year, our charity committee sends out a company-wide survey where the team get to choose 4 charities we would like to support as a business for that year. Previous examples of charities we have supported include:

As the New Year approached it was time for MarketMakers to start thinking about what charities we wanted to support. After a unanimous decision in our company survey, Naomi House & Jacksplace was without a doubt the right charity for us to support in the coming year.

Lisa and the team shared their appreciation and invited the team to attend some additional fundraising events throughout the year like sky diving, charity walks and other social events. There was also some exciting news that some of the team could travel up and visit the hospice later in the year to get the opportunity to experience the great work happening in the charity.

We are really excited to support both Naomi House & Jacksplace throughout the year and look forward to receiving more updates from Lisa and the rest of their team on how we can further contribute to the services they provide. If you would like to find out more on some of the work the hospice does, visit their website.

By Alexandra Birch

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