5 Steps to Accrue Accurate Marketing Data

Jan 23, 2015 15:31:46 PM

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We talk about data a lot here at MarketMakers. Mainly because it is critical to everything we do for ourselves and, of course, our clients. The accuracy of the data we use can really make a difference to the success of the campaigns we run, regardless of whether it was bought or built up over time through various marketing activities.

Below are five ways to ensure your database is accurate from its creation to completion.

Build trust

This is hard and so it should be. If we could build trust easily then it wouldn’t be worth anything. On the other hand, if your audience trusts you and you can demonstrate responsibility with their personal and corporate information, then they will give you the data you need –  not an email address specifically for SPAM, but useful and relevant contact information.

As an example, let your user base know their data will not be shared or sold to another company.

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Don’t ask for too much

We all hate questions and forms, so only ask for what you need. Do you really need all their information in one go? It would be nice, but the reality is that asking for too much won’t work.

I had a classic example of this recently. I wanted to sign up for a local and well-respected theatre’s newsletter so I could stay up to date on future productions. In order to do this, I had to sign up for an account with them. They required my address, phone number, email, age and, of course, a password. I was also on my mobile phone and the site was not mobile friendly. Needless to say I didn’t sign up and moved on.

This was a missed opportunity for them and a lesson in user experience for us all – but that is another topic for another blog.

Use your existing data smartly

Segment and target your audience appropriately by delivering the right message at the right time. You will build trust and most likely be rewarded with extra data or leads.

Run data generation campaigns

This may sound counter-productive but not every marketing campaign should be about getting sales-ready leads – sometimes aren’t ready to buy or be sold to.

Developing a multistage strategy (e.g. free ebooks or offers in return for basic information) will allow you to reach out to prospects again further down the line.

Run data cleansing campaigns

Data cleansing allows you to get your records updated swiftly and efficiently. It also scales well with the size of your marketing database. A good data cleansing campaign should verify the accuracy of your data and add new information to it, such as any changes in staff, office location or phone number etc.

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