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Nov 10, 2017 15:04:31 PM

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A few months ago, in a previous blog, we explored using DISC to manage people.  This time we are going to look at how to manage, or better still, motivate people without using power or authority.

Let’s start by looking at key elements that will motivate each of the profiles.  Yes, it’s time for one of my tables…

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Now we have all these elements we can now consider how we would motivate an individual.  Let’s take an example where I want somebody to wash my car…

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As usual we’ll start with our Dominant Profile.  The key here is to let them feel they are calling the shots.  So, I would say “Do you know my car is always looking really grubby, what do you think is the best way to get it clean?” I would then get them share their thoughts and answers with me.  The next step is to use a bit of competition.  For example:  “Of course the trouble is there is no way to get the car clean in under 20 minutes, it always takes so long…”.  The challenge is now well and truly set and the Dominant person will be keen to smash that 20-minute target.

We’ll now move onto our Influencer, this time it’s all about massaging their ego.  For example; “When I saw how you washed your car last time I was so impressed with how you made the car look like brand new” then it’s time to create the opportunity.  “Of course, there really is only one person that could make my car look that great and that’s you.  When everybody sees your results all other cars will look dull and unappealing – how do you feel about creating the newest looking car on the street?”

With our Steady profile the ideal way to motivate them is to do this as a team, although in this situation I want them to clean the car, not both of us!  So, I am going to focus in on the ‘helpful’ aspect, like so… “My car is really dirty at the moment and I’ve got so much to do; do you think you would be able to help me out by giving my car a quick wash?”

Finally, it’s our strategists and our Conscientious profile.  I am now going to focus on their desire to be the expert.  Let’s start by letting them share their expertise…  “I notice that when you wash your car you go about it in a very thorough and effective way – what do you find works for you?”.   I’m going to keep that method going by continuing to ask “How would that work on my car?”.  Then I would ask them to demonstrate how they would do it and provide instructions and details so I can do it right next time.

OK, I know that those of you that are reading this are now thinking how incredibly manipulative I am, well by nature I am an Influencer, so that actually might not be far from the truth!  The examples above are deliberately exaggerated to demonstrate how by tailoring the conversation and situation we really can get other people to do things without the use of power and authority, plus you may have noticed money is not changing hands either!

In my defence, I really do wash my own car and I don’t expect anybody to do it for me because I love the attention as people walk by and comment on how good the car looks or perhaps how hard I’m working – see it’s that Influencer trait rearing its head again!

Which brings me to another vital aspect of motivation that of self-motivation.

Interestingly enough the techniques are really exactly the same, for if I were a Dominant personality then all I need to do is focus on the competition side of things and create a challenge or problem i.e. doing it quicker, cheaper, within a specific time, etc and the motivation is created.

As an Influencer I am going to think about how others will perceive me and how it will help me progress, get people to want to work with me more, increase my image and profile, etc.

When it comes to the Steady profile it will be about collaboration and ‘good ‘ole teamwork’.  I would just think about how others would feel after I have carried out my task and my drive is well and truly engaged.

For the Conscientious profile it will always be about ensuring perfection is attained.  The ‘fun’ bit for the Conscientious person will always be in the planning and strategy, once that is in place all the steps laid down ahead will lead to the logical conclusion of pure perfection and a very happy Conscientious person.

So that’s it for this blog – you now have all the tools and knowledge to DISC your way to achieve anything you want, either by self-motivation or by encouraging others to make it happen.  Always remember, though, with knowledge comes power, and with that power comes responsibility – so be very careful how you use it!

To finish off this blog, it seems very appropriate to slightly misquote that great American motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and link today’s main subject matter, that of car washing, with motivation.  He, almost, said “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well neither does washing [the car] – That’s why it’s recommended daily!

Next time I’ll be exploring how DISC can help create the perfect Christmas, oops, I’ve gone and said the “C” word – it’s not too early is it?

Right, that’s it I’m inspired and truly motivated. I’m off to get my bucket, shampoo and a sponge – anyone want to help?

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