As the UK’s largest B2B Telemarketing Agency, many of our clients have a requirement for multilingual telemarketing. Our award winning multilingual telemarketing teams can help you discover new business opportunities outside of the UK, without compromising on quality of service and results.

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Our multilingual telemarketing division matches the high level of service delivered by our UK focused teams.

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This includes providing our clients with full call recordings of every call made on the campaign, real time campaign reporting and open communication.

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So you can feel confident in our ability to provide the same control and quality in every call.

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We understand targeting decision makers in other countries can come with its complications, we ensure our telemarketers are trained in every aspect, from language to culture.

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We provide you with Telemarketers who specialise in the area you are targeting, so they know when the most appropriate time is for them to make the call.

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We help our clients find and win new customers all across Europe.
Together we can reach:

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11 native languages

icon2 2 - Multilingual Telemarketing

16 European countries

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5,000,000+ companies

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15 million+ decision
makers across Europe

“MarketMakers is our main partner for Lead Generation in Ireland and one of our growing partners in Western Europe. Over the last 3 years we have received consistent and increasing returns on our investment.”

Yvonne McGarry,
SMB Marketing Manager,

Areas covered

Zone 1

flat1 - Multilingual Telemarketing French

flat2 - Multilingual Telemarketing German

flat3 - Multilingual Telemarketing Spanish

flat4 - Multilingual Telemarketing Italian

flat5 - Multilingual Telemarketing Dutch

flat6 - Multilingual Telemarketing Swedish

Zone 2

flat7 - Multilingual Telemarketing Portuguese

flat8 - Multilingual Telemarketing Flemish

flat9 - Multilingual Telemarketing Norwegian

flat10 - Multilingual Telemarketing Danish

flat11 - Multilingual Telemarketing Finnish

flat12 - Multilingual Telemarketing Polish

flat13 - Multilingual Telemarketing Russian

flat14 - Multilingual Telemarketing Latvian

flat15 - Multilingual Telemarketing Lithuanian

flat16 - Multilingual Telemarketing Greek

flat17 - Multilingual Telemarketing Ukrainian etc

Zone 3

earth - Multilingual Telemarketing APAC Region

flat19 - Multilingual Telemarketing Hindi

flat18 - Multilingual Telemarketing Arabic

img - Multilingual Telemarketing

Our inhouse multilingual team is a specialist team within the business and covers a comprehensive range of languages including German, Spanish, French, Polish and Italian.

This will allow your company to generate qualified sales leads in your overseas territories.

We have extensive experience helping companies reach out to their global prospects with a quality, first class approach.

By operating all languages under one roof, you have the added benefits of having one central point of contact (your Account Manager) for all your activity, and reporting is provided in a uniform manner across all campaigns, making regional comparisons in performance easy to see.

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