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Increase lead generation and online RO

When it comes to lead generation, we know timing is everything, especially when 50% of sales leads go to the vendor that responds first. One of the biggest B2B challenges when generating leads is knowing when a prospect is ready to buy, and tailoring communications that are timely, relevant and go beyond cold calling.

With the Lead Forensics lead generation solution, B2B businesses can gain the competitive edge with access to intelligence about their website visitors and the data they need to convert them into sales leads in real time. What is Lead Forensics Pricing?


What is Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is website intelligence software that identifies the anonymous businesses visiting your website – those that don’t go on enquire. When 98% of B2B website visitors won’t fill in a contact form or pick up the phone, you could be missing out on opportunities with prospects that are in the market to buy right now.

Lead Forensics provides you with your website visitor activity history and contact details in an easy, manageable format, so you can immediately begin to proactively convert these visitors into new customers and leads. Are there Competitors to Lead Forensics?


Check out their video to find out how it can immediately and effectively generate sales leads for you.


Using Lead Forensics with telemarketing

When 80% of a sales person’s time is spent on cold calling, B2B companies that really want to stand out from the crowd need to do more than call from a list of businesses with the hope that they are interested. By combining Lead Forensics lead generation software with a telemarketing campaign, your sales team will gain access to a constant stream of businesses that have visited your website – knowing already that they are in the market to buy.

Lead Forensics will provide your sales team with their contact details including:

  • Business name
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Website
  • SIC and turnover

“Lead Forensics has impacted our sales activity by about 50%. It has allowed us to stop wasting time cold calling, crawling through endless piles of data and go for good solid leads” Sales Manager, ABC Imaging


Turn your website visitors into sales leads

When 70% of B2B buyers rate how vendors engaged with them as more impactful than what they were actually selling, it’s critical that each call is tailored to the prospects’ individual needs. Lead Forensics provides insight into exactly what the prospect is interested in, including what they searched for, the products they looked at on your website and how long they spent on each page so your sales team can tailor their pitch before they pick up the phone.

“Lead Forensics allows us to go beyond standard analytics and understand who our customers are, their preferences and their buying behaviour.” Andrew Nicholson (B2B Marketer of the year ’11), Sodexo Prestige,

With the Lead Forensics software, you’ll get access to the industry/SIC code, turnover and employee count of each business visiting your website, so you can effectively profile a business and deliver case studies or proposals relevant to their business. Plus you’ll be able to prioritise opportunities based on this intelligence and qualify visitors prior to making contact. 


Increase your online ROI with Lead Forensics

As B2B marketers continue to invest in online channels, prospects are becoming more and more blind to marketing communications, so it’s important to understand which channels are driving a return and ensure the content they see influences their behaviour. 

With Lead Forensics, B2B marketers can attribute enquiries and sales right back to the first point of contact with your brand, whether it be a blog on your website, or a link shared on Twitter.  Lead Forensics lead generation software integrated with online campaigns can help B2B marketers increase conversion to sale and ultimately deliver ROI.  Here’s how: 

 “Lead Forensics isn’t just about how many people have clicked, it’s about who clicked. There’s so much insight you can gain from marrying up Lead Forensics with your social and digital channels.”

Callum Gill, Marketing Manager, DRP Group



The Lead Forensics lead generation solution not only reveals the identity of your anonymous website visitors, but also gives actionable data to help you increase conversion rates and online ROI. Sales teams benefit from insight into the prospects visiting your website that enables a more timely and tailored approach to prospects they know are in the market to buy. By integrating Lead Forensics with your online and offline marketing campaigns, B2B marketers can increase leads generated, campaign performance and online ROI.

Discover which businesses are visiting your website but not enquiring by trialling the lead generation software with a week’s free trial. Contact Lead Forensics on 0207 206 7293 or request a free trial  today.

For more information about Lead Forensics visit their website or take a look at B2B Marketing’s review of Lead Forensics


To help you decide if Lead Forensics is for you, we have put together some pages to answer some of the questions people have.

One of the first questions asked is what is Lead Forensics pricing. As the answer varies depending on your needs it is not a simple answer, so the link will take you to some facts you might want to consider.

Related, but certainly not the same, is what are the costs of Lead Forensics? Here we also look at some of the costs of not having Lead Forensics.

There are competitors to Lead Forensics in the market place. Often, they are cheaper. We take a quick look at some of the things you should think about when looking at cost and value. It might seem on the face of it that some of these are suitable alternatives to Lead Forensics. We strongly recommend you try them side by side, and see just how good Lead Forensics is. If the job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.


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