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A huge part of MarketMakers’ success is down to the strength of our team. As the only lead generation & telemarketing agency to be officially named one of the Top 50 Best Workplaces in the UK you can be sure our team is engaged and motivated and we only attract the very best candidates when recruiting.

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  • luke groves - The Team

    Our Stories

    26 Luke Groves 166x166 - The Team

    Luke Groves - Operations Manager; Risk, Resource, Quality & Planning

    “I have been with MarketMakers for 11 years and my main responsibility is heading up the Quality Assurance department. My team are entirely focused on the interest of our clients, so we ensure each and every lead is fully qualified before they are handed over. In addition to this, we schedule and organise diallers and campaign hours before each campaign goes live."

    "Throughout my career I have been constantly supported by both Henry and Clare who have helped me get to where I am now. I think MarketMakers is a great company to work for because the atmosphere is fast paced and we have an admirable company culture.”

  • rohan big - The Team

    Our Stories

    34 Rohan Tailor 166x166 - The Team

    Rohan Tailor - Account Director

    “I have now been with MarketMakers for 10 months as an Account Director. Moving straight into this role has been different compared to the progression structure most MarketMakers employees follow. Despite this I have had an immense amount of support from Henry, Dan and the L&D team.”

    “I enjoy working at MarketMakers because the business has a very positive recognition and reward ethos that promotes a positive working environment.”

  • dan big - The Team

    Our Stories

    25 Daniel Barber 166x166 - The Team

    Daniel Barber - Head of Key Accounts

    “I have been a part of the MarketMakers team since 2011. I report directly into Henry, who has been a massive support throughout my MarketMakers career. Although I haven’t completed any of the programmes that The Business School has to offer, I do receive constant support from Steve Cass and the L&D team.”

    “My favourite part of working for MarketMakers is the people and delivering great results for our clients, I am looking forward to being a part of the company growth and am always looking out for the next exciting challenge.”

  • luke banner - The Team

    Our Stories

    22 Luke Bartram 166x166 - The Team

    Luke Bartram - Head of Recruitment

    “I have been at MarketMakers for three and a half years and am Head of Recruitment. Although I report directly into Henry, I have over the past three years received support from each department- we genuinely do operate as ‘One Team’. Whether that’s direct support from my manager, Learning & Development or the Operational Management Team, everyone mucks in.”

    “I enjoy working at MarketMakers because of the fantastic culture. You get out what you put in - If you work hard and smart then you will do well. As the company continues to grow over the next five years I plan to expand the recruitment team and take on further responsibility across the whole of the business.”

  • justn banner - The Team

    Our Stories

    35 justin Stonely 166x166 - The Team

    Justin Stoneley - Operations Manager

    “I have been with MarketMakers since 2011. Since joining I have received support from across the business, to name a few- Clare Pugh, Steve Cass and Henry Braithwaite. I have also received support from all of the teams I have worked with, from diallers to Direct Marketing Managers. One of the best things about MarketMakers is the feeling of working as a team.”

    “My goal is to help grow and develop my team, ensuring we are the best in our industry and the front runner for delivery of large, B2B multi-dialler activity.”

    “MarketMakers has a five year plan and I am determined to make sure we achieve it.”

  • Henry big - The Team

    Our Stories

    43 Henry Braithwaite 166x166 - The Team

    Henry Braithwaite - President

    “I founded MarketMakers in 2003 and have now been working within B2B Marketing for 15 years. I work closely with Tom James our Managing Director and his team to ensure maximum effectiveness, efficiency and co-ordination for all our clients' campaigns.”

    "I am looking forward to growing the company and seeing what the future brings.”

  • Sam big - The Team

    Our Stories

    39 Sam Palmer 166x166 - The Team

    Sam Palmer - Direct Marketing Manager; Key Accounts

    “Everyone has drive here are MarketMakers, you are in charge of your own destiny.”

    “Progressing has not necessarily been easy, but there has always been opportunity and support. If you want to get somewhere in MarketMakers you have to show a desire to want something and then people will help you along the way.”

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  • Jodie big - The Team

    Our Stories

    45 Jodie Goodchild 166x166 - The Team

    Jodie Goodchild - Operations Manager

    “After a company meeting led by our previous MD Henry, I felt inspired to follow the Progression Programme that MarketMakers had to offer.”

    “From Account Executive I was promoted to Account Manager. After this I was then promoted to Client Director because I successfully managed a low performing team and turned them around to ensure they were always hitting target.”

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  • Lewios big - The Team

    Our Stories

    18Lewis Kickish 166x166 - The Team

    Lewis Hickish - Operations Manager

    “I completed the Optimum Programme which took me about 8/9 months, this landed me a job as a Direct Marketing Manager. The programme is good because it lets you know exactly what you need to achieve to get to the next level.”

    “I am currently mentoring Sam Palmer to complete Optimum and become a Direct Marketing Manager; he is following the programme I did so I like to think I am inspiring to him.”

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  • tom big - The Team

    Our Stories

    15 Tom Furber 166x166 - The Team

    Tom Furber - Learning & Development Executive

    “I joined MarketMakers as an Account Executive, after 6 months’ I progressed to Account Manager. After that I was promoted roughly every 6 months until I hit Client Director Tier 2.”

    “Earlier this year I was approached by Steve Cass about an opportunity that had arisen in the Learning and Development team. I have always had a passion for training and coaching so it was really exciting to move into this space.”

    “L&D is giving something back and that is why I am so passionate about my work.”

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